Hi, my name is Eric Dunbar and I love to shoot my bow.

It was not long ago that a dear friend of mine introduced me to the world of archery. At that time I had no idea about compound bows or recurve bows, about the arrow`s spine or why it is important to know your draw length. I just liked listening to his stories of being in nature, experiencing little adventures while visiting 3d-ranges and getting some peace while shooting his bow. I definitely could relate to the getting-some-peace part, as I am working in front of my computer all day long in a very stressful environment.

So after listening to his stories for some time I finally decided to get a bow. I wanted a bit of that peace as well and eagerly entered a small local shop. It was like standing in front of fifty different brands of cereals at a discount supermarket without having a clue about which one might fit me best. The salesclerk was really nice and committed but even after an hour I still had no idea about which one to buy. There were just too many of them.

Compound, one piece recurve, recurve take down bows, longbows, hybrids etc. etc. I left the shop pretty overwhelmed and decided I needed to know a lot more about the topic, before i would be able to buy something. Unfortunately there were no other shops that I could reach within a few hours in my area, so I went home and started my research on the internet right away. I still wanted a bit of that peace my friend spoke of, but I decided it would be best to gain some knowledge before trying to get some or my archery adventures might end before they even had started.

I discovered soon that gaining `some knowledge` really was not enough. I had to research a lot and I had to dig deep, because the descriptions of the product pages were almost always pretty thin and I really was not able to make a decision based upon those. So i went through forums looking for reviews, recurve takedown reviews and every bit of information I was able to find about bow categories and certain bows. Remember, I wanted a bit of that peace, my friend told me about. But to find it, I needed the right information first. It was as simple as that.

During that extensive research phase the idea of Anchor That Point was born. I was sure there were a lot of beginners out there that would be glad about a helping hand especially for making their first decisions in the world of archery. Even seasoned archers could benefit from well researched articles about bows and archery accessories. So I decided to set up this website to be able to create the most detailed and most honest reviews about bows one could find on the internet. The kind of articles I was looking for when i was starting out in the world of archery.

You might wonder if I was able to find the bit of peace i was looking for after all. Of course I did. And I assure you that you chose the right thing to do as you decided to become an archer. It is a great hobby and it does not matter if you shoot for competition or for hunting or for bow fishing. You will never regret entering the world of archery and I really and honestly hope that Anchor That Point will be of great help during your journey.

Thank you for reading and shoot straight!