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Welcome to this Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 Pin Micro Xtreme Bow Sight review!
As this one was endorsed by the pro team from Head Hunters TV, I was especially thrilled to write a review about it. According to the manufacturer AXT, this model is a no frills, no-nonsense sight, which means there is nothing on it that you don’t need for bowhunting, while being as accurate and precise as possible at the same time. If you want to know if that’s the case here, I would suggest you read this entire text. I hope that you will find enough information to make your own decision about this model.

Usability And Adjustability

The Head Hunter Micro Xtreme can be used by right-handed and left-handed archers. It switches over rather easily because of the two different length mounting options it has, that were designed especially with lefties in mind.
Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 pin Micro Bow Sight Adjustment KnobWindage and elevation are micro adjustable via stainless steel Allen set screws. Specifically, the micro adjustable windage allows critical adjustments when sighting in your broadheads or doing quick changes on the target range.
This bowsight is easy and fast to set up – thanks to the vertical and horizontal micro adjustability – with a rock solid performance, once you have it sighted in. It is very accurate and lightweight, which makes it a good option for the serious bowhunter. If you want to learn more about sighting in a bowsight, feel free to read my article about it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow.
You will be up and running in minutes (if you know what you are doing), you need Allen wrenches for the set up, though. There are also graduation marks to keep track, which makes things a bit easier. There is no 3rd axis adjustment, though.

Product Features Of The Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 Pin Micro Xtreme Bow Sight

The rugged construction is machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum, which makes this sight rather durable. It is very well made and seems to be able to take quite some beating in the fields while going after game.
Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 pin Micro Bow Sight Sight RingThe outer housing is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum as well. It has a diameter of 2 inches and it is lined with a synthetic red ring for a better peep to sight alignment. The generous 2″ HD site ring is interchangeable, which means it can be switched out against a green, orange, pink or blue version for customization purposes to fit your compound bow.
Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 pin Micro Bow Sight 4 PinsThis model comes with a Center Core Pin Technology, which means that the fibers run right through the stainless steel pins, which protects them well when roaming the fields. The four pins have a diameter of .019 inches and are colored from top to bottom like this: Green, red, yellow, green. The pins are rather small but very bright and you cannot add another one later. So if you think you need 5 pins, you need to get a different bowsight.
The AXT sight ring is ultra-bright, by the way; it gathers light well, which is a big advantage in low-light situations.
Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 pin Micro Bow Sight Micro LEDFor really dark conditions, AXT has included a Micro LED light, that brightens up the pins and sight ring significantly. The light is very small, so be carefull when unpacking the sight, as a few customers already overlooked it and lost it. The push on / off button switch is on the bottom. The light mounts are on the bottom of the sight with the coil of fiber. A battery for the blue LED light is included (LR41-1.5V or Energizer 392).
The Head Hunter Micro Xtreme has an in-built bubble level, weighs 6 ozs and is around 5.5″ long. AXT offers a lifetime warranty for their products, by the way, which is always a nice thing to have, just in case.

Mounting Features

The mounting bracket is machined from solid aluminum as well. It has standard tappings that should fit all the modern risers out there and it has two different length options in case you want to set it up for a left-handed compound shooter.
You also should be able to attach your favorite bow mounted one-piece quiver to the Head Hunter Micro XTreme as there are pre-drilled holes for one as well. The bracket is not detachable, by the way.

Finishes Of The Archer XTreme Head Hunter 4 Pin Micro Xtreme Bow Sight

This one is available in a black anodized finish only at the moment. The red accent of the sight ring looks pretty cool, in my opinion. Gives it the feeling of being dangerous, kinda 🙂 .
archer xtreme head hunter 4 pin micro bow sight finish

Suitable For Hunting

This one is a great option for bowhunting as the micro adjustments are quick and quiet. It is very accurate and you will be dead on after having it sighted in properly. The bright pins, bright sight ring and the included bright LED micro light are great features for hunting in low-light conditions, so you are well prepared for such difficult situations. It also works well in tree stands or ground blinds.

Product Price

At around a 100 bucks you will get a well built high quality bowsight that will serve you well for years if treated properly. The aluminum construction makes it strong and durable and makes sure that it can take a lot of beating while hunting.


The Archer Xtreme Head Hunter 4 Pin Bow Sight is a great option for beginners, intermediates and seasoned bowhunters alike. It is a high quality model that will make your groups tighter and your shots more accurate – provided you got some skills with your compound.
The price is still affordable, especially when you consider the 100% aluminum construction. No weak plastic parts that may ruin your hunting trip, no fuss or useless gimmicks that might distract you from your target. A bowhunter’s dream … okay, okay, that’s too much, I know. Let’s stop here 🙂 .
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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