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Welcome to this Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow Review! This one is a great starter model. It is easy to adjust, very quiet from the get go and it comes with one of Bear’s RTH packages. RTH simply means ‘Ready To Hunt‘, because there are all the necessary add-ons for bowhunting or target practice included. If you buy it, you are literally able to start shooting right away.
Bear Archery’s Ready To Hunt Bow Packages are well known amongst the bowhunting crowd and usually are to be found in the ‘best selling models’ category. But not all of those models are worth their price. I hope that this review will give you enough information about this one to be able to decide for yourself if it might be an option for you or not.
See you at the end!

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Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow Facts

Bow Package Contents

The Bear Archery Attitude RTH is available in a version for right handed and left handed archers. If you don’t know what that means, I have a beginner’s guide about shooting and archery here => Beginner’s Guide
Its factory presets are 70 lbs for the draw weight and 29″ for the draw length. 70 pounds is quite a bunch, so you should be on the stronger side to be able to pull the string back. Remember that it is more important to learn to shoot with proper form first. If you start to learn shooting with a model that is way too strong for you, your form will stay poor – which means you won’t be as successful as you could be. And that means that archery might suck for you after some time – and we don’t want that 🙂 .
Learn more about shooting with proper form here => Proper Form For Archery.
The Ready To Hunt package contains the following items:
The Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70.
 Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow Package
A Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. This one is a brush-style arrow rest which is proven and holds the arrows in place quite well, even if you are shooting from awkward angles or down from wonky tree stands.
A Trophy Ridge 3 Pin Bowsight (including black light illumination). This model is quite good for starting out your hunting adventures. It is not a highend sight but way better than a lot of other sights that are often included in packages. If you want to learn how to sight it in, I have a guide about doing that here => How To Sight In A Sight.
A Trophy Ridge Stabilizer which balances the overall model and takes a lot of the vibrations out of the shooting cycle, making the whole process more comfortable.
A Trophy Ridge Sling. A wrist sling is a good accessory for making sure that your gear won’t fall down after the release. While shooting with proper form, you should use a light grip and you should release your arm muscles after releasing the string. A strong grip might torque the bow and affect the flight of the arrow badly. With a good sling you can release your muscles while the compound is still attached to your wrist.
A Trophy Ridge Quiver. This one will do just fine for starting out. It is bow mounted and it will hold a bunch of arrows safely.
There is also a Wheel Peep Sight and a D-Loop included with the Attitude 70 RTH. You might need to check the position of both. A peep sight and a D-Loop should be adjusted to the individual archer to work properly. If you have no idea about how to do that, just stop by at a local pro shop and they will set it up for you in minutes.
The accesories included in this Attitude RTH 70 package cost around 150 bucks if you would buy them separately. This means they are not the best in the world but they are good enough for starting out. After some time, when you have more experience, you will switch out a few of them anyway. But all in all they are a lot better than some included in the other packages out there.
The Bear Attitude RTH 70 comes in a cool Realtree APG finish.
Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow FinishThere a few items you need to get as well:
You will need a good release aid that suits you well. As this is more of a personal thing than anything else, you need to wear a few of them to find one that feels comfortable to you. Which means too, that it wouldn’t be a good idea to include one in such a package.
Another thing you will need to get for the Bear Attitude RTH 70 are arrows. Makes sense, right? Choosing the right arrow is very important for your accuracy and therefore your success. The arrow needs to fit the minimum weight requirements of your model and your personal draw length.
If the arrow is too light, shooting it may have the same effect as dry firing, which can damage your compound severely. I have a guide about dry firing here => Dry Firing.

If the arrow is shorter than your draw length, it might fall from the arrow rest at full draw and land in your hand after the release. A rule of thumb is that the length of the arrow should be an inch longer than your personal draw length.
If you want to learn how to measure your draw length, I have an article about doing that here => How To Determine Your Draw Length.

If you want to learn more about arrows in general, I have an interesting article here => Choosing The Right Arrows.
You also might want to think about getting a case for protection and carriage for the Attitude. Sometimes you won’t shoot for a longer period of time. During that time it’s important that you store your gear somewhere appropriate. Don’t leave it in hot (car trunk, attic) or damp (cellar, garage) places for days or weeks. This might result in severe damage.
This case does its job quite well => Plano Protector Case.

Noise Level / Hand Shock Of The Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow

Overall the Attitude RTH 70 is more on the quiet side. Its offset string suppressor and its stabilizer work just fine and reduce noise quite significantly. You could add additional string silencers, but I think these are not necessary. For me it’s quiet enough.
As this is a modern model, there is of course no handshock recognizable at all.

Bow Specifics / Limbs / Riser / Grip / String

The Bear Archery Attitude RTH is made in the USA. It is a lightweight model, with a very well machined aluminum riser. The riser feels very durable and will take a lot of beating in the field, if necessary.
 Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow Cam 1
The design of the integrated target-style grip should prevent you from torquing the whole thing while shooting. I doubt that a grip design can prevent you from torquing the Attitude 70 every time, but I admit that there are grips that feel more comfortable than others. This one was designed for the masses, it seems, as it feels quite comfortable for most archers I have talked to. Me included.
Its Flared Quad Limbs seem to be very durable as well. Those goodies sit tight in high precision limb pockets, that also – in combination with the string suppressor and the stabilizer – absorb shock and vibrations while shooting.
With an axle to axle length of 31″ the Attitude 70 is still compact enough to be shot from tree stands or small ground blinds. Apart from that it feels very agile and well-balanced, which are good things when you are out in the field for hours.
Its net weight is 3.7 lbs. This is relatively light and should be perfect for maneuvering in tight quarters or dense vegetation.
String/Cables: Contra-Band HP

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The draw cycle of the Bear Archery Attitude RTH feels to be very smooth, thanks to the EZ3 single cam system. Bear Archery has some more models that rely on a single cam system that all draw very smoothly, so it is a proven system.
This one shoots fast and accurate – provided you‘ve got some skills and the right arrows. Two inch groups from 10, 20 and 30 yards are quite possible.
 Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Cam 2
The draw weight ranges from 60 to 70 lbs. This range is not that flexible, so if you want more adjustability, you should check out the Bear Archery Cruzer. When you are used to drawing high poundages, this one is just fine, though.
The poundage can be adjusted via the bolts that connect the limbs to the riser (limb bolts). Usually one full turn equals about 4-5 pounds. Make sure that the amount of full turns is the same on both bolts and don’t ever back’em out too much. A model like this is under a lot of tension all the time, so turning out a limb bolt too far may make it fall apart violently. Counter-clockwise decreases, clockwise increases the draw weight.
The draw length of this model ranges from 25″ to 32″. A lot of archers should fall into this range. If your’s is less than 25 or more than 32 inches, you will need to find a different model. It is adjustable in 1/2 inch increments via the bottom cam (2 Allen screws). Draw length changes are made by simply rotating the modules to the desired position and moving the draw stop. There is no bow press needed for adjustment.
Its back wall feels pretty solid, the valley is wide enough. Both are two important factors for getting accurate shots consistently.
The let-off is 80%, which is quite normal nowadays, the brace height is 7 ¼ inches.

Shooting Speed Of The Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 Compound Bow

The manufacturer states a shooting speed of 310 fps. I assume that this was measured after the requirements of the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO; 70 lbs poundage, 425 grain arrow).

Suitable For Hunting / Kinetic Energy (KE)

Set to its maximum poundage, the Attitude RTH 70 should be good for going after large game as well. Most bowhunters consider kinetic energy one of the most important factors when it comes to bowhunting. If you take a look at Easton’s Field Chart, you get an idea which kinetic energy is recommended for which game.

Eastons Field Chart

Assuming we shoot the Bear Archery Attitude RTH with 70 lbs and a 425 grain arrow, we would achieve a KE of 90.7 ft-lbs.
Assuming we shoot it with 70 lbs and a 350 grain arrow, we would achieve 74.7 ft-lbs.
If you want to learn more about kinetic energy for bowhunting, I have an article about that topic here => Kinetic Energy For Bowhunting.
Just remember that the achievable kinetic energy goes down rather quickly if you lower the poundage or if you use lighter arrows. Even bad weather conditions or longer distances can bring it down quickly.
At least you should be good to go for the legal minimum poundage requirements of most states with this model.

Suitable For Bowfishing

There are a lot of pre drilled holes in the riser, so I assume that it should be possible to add a bowfishing reel to this model. I haven’t tried it myself, though.
Maybe check out the AMS Reel, which works together quite well with the Tidal Wave Arrow Rest.


With a price around 350 bucks and all the included accessories from Trophy Ridge, the Bear Archery Attitude RTH seems to be a good deal, in my opinion. Remember that the add-ons alone would cost you around 150 bucks. The compound itself is of a very high quality – which we can and should expect from Bear Archery.
If you want to check out alternatives, I would recommend the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro or the Bear Archery Cruzer. If you want to spend more, take a look at the Apollo Tactical as well.

Pros & Cons

– High quality model
– Good quality add-ons
– Draw weight is not that adjustable


The Bear Archery Attitude RTH 70 is a bad-to-the-bone killer model. The single cam system is fast, accurate and easy to adjust, even in small tree stands or ground blinds. It is compact and durable enough for bowhunting and roaming the field for hours.
Is it a good choice for beginning archers? That depends. If you know you will stay with archery and bowhunting and are on the stronger side, this is a very good option. If you just want to test the waters and are unsure about this whole bow shooting thing, you might want to look for a cheaper option in my reviews section. There are plenty of good models to choose from.
For all the die-hard bowhunters out there: This model might just be the one you were looking for 🙂
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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