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Hello and thanks for reading my Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow Package review. This is another set that claims to be ready to shoot out of the box. Anytime I find a product that is advertised like this I tend to get a bit skeptical as I know that a lot of the accessories of such packages are more often than not of a cheap quality to get the price down and they need to be switched out after buying anyway. As Bear Archery is one of the better known brands that has been out there for years I was curious how they would compare to some of the other sets I have reviewed so far. If you want to know too there’s only one thing you can do to find out: read on 🙂 .

Bow Package Contents

The Bear Archery Cruzer itself comes truly ready to shoot and ready to hunt out of the box. It is completely rigged (you only have to install the quiver and the stabilizer) so you could literally pick it up and start shooting. This model is available in a version for right and left-handed archers, which means it is not ambidextrous, so you have to decide which version is right for you before buying it. If you are new to compound shooting, feel free to read my beginner’s guide where I cover all of the basics here => Beginner’s Guide To Compound Bows.

The bow is advertised as being made in the USA (it is possible, though, that some of the parts may have been manufactured overseas as a lot of the big brands do this), which is a big plus in my opinion as I prefer to invest in my own country than anywhere else.
Features Bear Archery Cruzer

Infinite Edge ProDiamond CoreLeader 50 - 70Apollo Tactical
Diamond Infinite Edge ProDiamond CoreLeader Accessories 50 70 HuntingApollo Tactical
5 - 70 lbs40 - 70 lbs50 - 70 lbs25 - 70 lbs
13" - 31"25" - 30"26" - 30"19" - 30"
310 fps313 fps310 fps320 fps

The accessories that come along with the Bear Archery Cruzer are all from Trophy Ridge which has been a well known and appreciated brand among bowhunters for years. I should add that Trophy Ridge was bought by Bear Archery around 2014 to expand their portfolio, which is not a bad thing as Bear Archery has been in business for a few decades already and is also known for its quality products, so those big brands add up well. This also means that the accessories that come along with this model are definitely not cheaply made. They may be not top notch, but they are way above the quality other packages are providing, so for someone who buys this package it’s a really good deal as you can save some money compared to buying every piece on its own.
The arrow rest is a Trophy Ridge Joker Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit which works like a charm. When you are out in the field enjoying some freezing weather, it will ice up and clog though, but a lot of Whisker Biscuits do this, so that’s nothing to worry about.
The Trophy Ridge 4-pin fiber optic sight has an integrated light that you will need while shooting or hunting in dim light situations. And it makes the whole thing look pretty cool too. As a few customers seem to have overlooked the light (because they stated there is none) here’s where it is: There is a small black cab on the top of the sight. If you tighten the screw the sight illuminates.
You will also get a Trophy Ridge Dart Stabilizer included withe this Bear Archery model that will take out a lot of vibrations while shooting, thus making the Bear Archery Cruzer compound pretty quiet and more balanced overall which leads to a more comfortable experience for the archer.
The string comes with a D-loop and peep sight installed. As those have to be adjusted to the shooter in general with compound bows, I would take the Cruzer to a professional shop for having it set up to fit you if you are just starting out as it takes some knowledge to adjust those items yourself. The shop staff will only take a small fee for the adjustments, so I’d recommend you buy some arrows there as well.
The coolest finish that the bow comes with is the Realtree XG Camo with black metal rims. Apart from this one there are a few other options that should cater to a lot of tastes, so it ‘s not hard to not find one that you will like.

bear-archery cruzer camo finish bear-archery-cruzer-compound-finishes

For carrying your arrows you will get a Trophy Ridge five-spot quiver that is mounted on this Bear Archery model and which is easily detachable. It is designed well, fits the bow and is not in the way while shooting at all.
Lastly you will get a bow sling for attaching the Bear Archery Cruzer to your wrist. This is necessary as it will prevent the bow from falling down after you’ve shot it and therefore enables you to shoot with a rather relaxed grip, which is important to prevent your wrist muscles from torquing the compound because of a grip that is just too strong.
Bear Archery’s Limited Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable, thus being valid only to the original owner (proof of purchase may be required). It covers limbs (100% for the first 5 years), risers (lifetime) and cams (lifetime). It won’t cover abuse, mishandling or alteration / modification made to original products. For example, if you dry fire a compound, that won’t be covered. If you don’t know what dry firing is, please read my guide here => Dry Firing A Compound Bow.


Using the wrong bow press won’t be covered as well. In particular, older style ‘single-pull’ bow presses that contact the Bear Archery Cruzer only in the grip area can damage it resulting in bent or broken limbs. Therefore traditional style presses that apply pressure only to the mid section of the limbs cannot be used. You should only use models that apply pressure to the last 2 inches of the limbs.

bear-archery cruzer bow press


One last note: The limb bolts must be backed out 4 complete turns prior to pressing the compound with a press. Read the manual for the details before messing around with a bow press!


For the warranty to be in effect you need to register your compound online within 30 days of purchase. So don’t forget that! Apart from the things mentioned above you shouldn’t overdraw the Cruzer, you shouldn’t use wooden or fiberglass arrows and you should not leave it in hot or damp places.


There are no arrows included with the Bear Archery Cruzer. As getting the right arrows is more often than not more important than the bow itself for getting good and consistent results while shooting, it makes no sense to add arrows to such a great set. Arrows need to fit the compound (poundage), your draw length and the purpose for which you buy them (target shooting, hunting, etc.). As a general rule, the IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) allows a minimum of 5 grains arrow weight for pound of draw weight. This is important because when you shoot an arrow that is too light for a certain compound model, this can result in an effect like dry firing which can lead to severe damage to the compound or yourself. If you want to learn more about choosing arrows, feel free to read my guide here => Choosing The Right Arrows For A Compound Bow.
A case for carrying or storage is not included. So if you transport the Bear Archery Cruzer a lot (think driving to the range, travelling, camping, etc.), getting a hard case might be a good idea. Such a case would also be good for storing it safely when you are not using it, protecting it from moisture or heat.
You will also need to get a mechanical release aid for shooting this model as it is not recommended to be finger-shot (which is not recommended for compounds in general). Your fingers might torque the string especially while releasing it, resulting in bad shots, thus missing targets. A release aid takes that source of error out of the equation.

Noise Level / Handshock Of The Bear Archery Cruzer

This Bear Archery model is rather quiet because of the stabilizer and the string stop. The preloaded limbs take out a lot of the vibrations while shooting too, which makes it a good option for hunting.
The recoil – if you feel any at all, as this is often times a personal thing – is really low which is the case with most modern models out there at the moment. Those are designed in ways that make a hand shock almost impossible.

Bow Specifics / Limbs / Riser / Grip / String

The compound is solidly built of lightweight and durable aluminum. It feels and looks pretty sturdy, thus being a very good option for hunting in the field for hours.
It has a reflexed riser built from machined aluminum containing a slim and very comfortable target style grip. This advanced grip will reduce hand torque, thus resulting in enhanced accuracy.
The design of the Max-Preload Quad Limbs makes the limbs store optimal amounts of energy compared to a lot of the competitors’ models. Therefore you should not use limb mounted vibration dampeners. If you want to use those nonetheless they must not be mounted more than 2″ from the limb pockets. If you do it otherwise this could damage the limbs and void the warranty. The high-precision pivoting limb pockets increase the overall accuracy of the compound making it even easier for you to shoot tight groups consistently.
Its net weight is 3.6 lbs without any accessories. The more you attach the heavier it will be. This might not be bad for target shooting at the range but when carrying the bow for hours in the field, its weight might affect your endurance, thus affecting your accuracy.
Axle to axle length (ATA) is 32″, total length (from cam to cam) is 35″. Because of its compact size it is also good for shorter archers and good for hunting (think tight ground blinds or tree stands). The total width including the quiver is 6 inches. Its brace height is 6.5 inches which is pretty standard. String and cables are quite good. Don’t forget to wax them regularly to avoid wear and fraying and to prolong the life of your string. It is recommended to switch out strings and cables at least once per year, by the way.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

Due to the MV dual cam system, the Bear Archery Cruzer is very smooth to draw. The system works flawlessly resulting in a very comfortable experience when shooting this compound. You can get very tight groups easily because of its overall accuracy – and the most important thing is that you will get those consistently.
Sighting it in is not hard to do, just follow the arrows. If you don’t know how to sight a compound in, please read my guide about it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow.
Its wide adjustability make this model a good option for nearly everyone. It can be used by kids, tweens, teens and adults. The draw length ranges from 12″ – 30″ which can be adjusted without using a bow press. All you need for lowering or increasing it is an Allen wrench (which is included in the set). Someone mentioned that he had a problem as it was a bit hard to get the screws back in again, but as long as you stick to the description in the manual you should be good to go. The Cruzer comes with 3 adjustment modules for one inch adjustment, 1/2 inch adjustment and constant draw. Adjusting for full draw length at the lowest poundage is possible as well.
The draw weight range of the Bear Archery Cruzer includes an impressive 5 – 75 pounds. You can adjust the poundage via the limb bolts that attach the riser to the limbs. One full turn approximately changes the poundage for 2 – 4 pounds. Turn the bolts clockwise to increase the weight and counter-clockwise for decreasing it. Both limb bolts should be adjusted equally and don’t turn one bolt more than two turns ahead of the other as this could result in problems due to the large pressure on the compound. 12 full turns maximum is the limit for the Cruzer. Never ever turn the bolts more than 12 full turns or it may explode right into your face – which you don’t want to happen 🙂 .


With a let off of 75% this model is comfortable enough to be shot by beginners as it will make aiming and holding the string back a breeze as the valley is wide enough before the Cruzer will start pulling forward. The solid wall has no creep which is very good if you are just starting out as it makes learning proper form and getting repeatable results a lot easier, resulting in tight groups faster.
The short brace height might not be that forgiving but – proper form provided – the compound will nonetheless give very accurate results while shooting. The problem is more often than not behind the bow 🙂

Shooting Speed Of The Bear Archery Cruzer

With 310 fps measured after IBO requirements (70 lbs poundage, 350 grain arrows, 30″ draw length) this model is not the fastest out there but it’s not lame either. Set at its highest poundage it is fast enough to hunt large game.

Suitable For Hunting / Kinetic Energy (KE)

Concerning kinetic energy, the Bear Archery Cruzer can deliver. Just look at the following examples and you’ll see that the achieved kinetic energy is enough for going after small, medium and large game according to Easton’s Field Chart.
Eastons Field Chart

KE measured after IBO requirements: 70 lbs, 30″ 350 grain arrows 74.7 ft-lbs KE
KE measured with heavier arrows: 70 lbs, 30″ 425 grain arrows 90.7 ft-lbs KE

Just don’t try to take large game if you lower the poundage a lot as this and a lot of other small adjustments can bring down the kinetic energy pretty quickly to a point where it may no longer be possible for you to hunt in a humane way (think one shot, one kill). The best requirement for doing so is shooting well, so if you are just starting out, concentrate on proper form and learn to shoot before thinking about going bowhunting. You need to be able to hit the vital organs every time and practicing a lot will get you there.

In case you want to learn more about why kinetic energy is important for hunting, please read my article here => Kinetic Energy For Bowhunting.

Suitable For Bowfishing

It should be possible to attach a bowfishing reel to this model and its high poundage is more than enough to penetrate the water and hit the fish well.


With a price point of around 400 bucks, the Bear Archery Cruzer Compound Bow Package is an affordable set that contains a lot of high quality accessories that you won’t find in a lot of other packages. All the Trophy Ridge goodies would cost a lot more when bought alone than what Bear Archery charges for them included in this set.

Pros & Cons


– cost effective

– widely adjustable

– high quality accessories

– ready to shoot  and hunt right out of the box

– made in America


– may be too short for target shooters


Because of its wide adjustability the Bear Archery Cruzer is a compound bow that can easily be used by the whole family. It will fit your kids, your tweens, your teens, your wife and yourself. With a poundage starting from 5 lbs up to 75 lbs, the Cruzer will literally grow along with your kids for years, but it is nonetheless a full sized adult compound bow: it can be used by the younger crowd and it can be used by seasoned bowhunters.
Bear Archery has already proven that they know how to create high quality products made in the USA – and they have done it with the Cruzer again. Yes, you have to invest some bucks but you will get quality for it. And that’s what counts the most, at least in my opinion.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!

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