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Welcome to this Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder review. Light, tight and ready to fight, this range finder provides you with an ergonomic and comfortable grip complemented by an LCD. When you’re out in the woods on the trail of a game, time is of the essence, and this model not only provides you with the distance of the shot but also it’s clearance. With a range of 850 yards and true horizontal distance of up to 199 yards, this one speaks for itself.

Bushnell The Truth ARC Laser Rangefinder Facts


The Bushnell The Truth Arc fashions a carry case that can be strapped to your belt. It also comes with a neck strap allowing you to carry the device however you feel comfortable. This model can be used with magnetic attachments to let you carry it anywhere and anyhow.
One of the downsides to the this one is the lack of the Bushnell Rainguard HD granted it does boast a rainproof casing. The Truth can handle itself against moisture but won’t be going swimming anytime soon.

Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Finder

Features Of The Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder

Compact, sleek and weighing in at 6 ounces The Truth doesn’t mess about. It’s straight to business. With a range of 7 – 850 yards supported by a built-in inclinometer and ARC – Angle Range Compensation – makes sure every shot is better and more precise than the last one. It measures in yards or meters.
Slopes / Angles
Elevation compensation provides the user with real-time angle display from -90 to +90. The built-in accelerometer and inclinometer compensate the distance of the shot while considering the angle to the target.

Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder Clearshot Zone

The Clearshot technology ensures that there won’t be an obstructed shot. As soon as a target is within the sight, there are two indicators on the LCD. The indicator in the center- crosshairs- will show the exact distance to the target while the indicator above it helps to show any obstacles. If the space between both indicators is clear with the catch in the aiming circle, it’s time to draw that bow.

Bushnell The Truth Arc Rangefinder Clearshot Technology

This model is designed to operate by single button command. The power button is used to turn the device on, as well as to measure the distance and to change the distance display from yards to meters – granted it does involve the use of the Plus and Minus buttons to toggle between meter / yard. The capability of this one is not limited to a bow and can be used with a rifle too, of course.
The biggest inconvenience is that the display is not back lit and can be troublesome in low lit areas. That being said with a weight of only 6 ounces it is comfortable enough to carry it around for hours and the dimensions of 3.8 x 2.4 x 1.4 inches make it smaller than an Altoids tin. The compact size not only makes it easy to carry but also allows your hand to naturally curl around the Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder while providing better stability as you range a target.
Automatic Shutdown
With a thirty second automatic shut off this unit allows it to be used for golfers, without the fear that the display will go blank before the flag is lined up. Operating on 3-volt CR 2 battery, which comes included, the housing of the rangefinder comes with a water resistant battery door keeping the precious power source dry.
Magnification / Objective Lens
This device has a fixed 4x magnification and a 20mm objective lens. These components are quite standard and most of the models available at the moment have similar features / parts.

Operation Of The Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder

This one uses the power button as a mean to activate the device, use it to measure a target and to change the unit of measurement. Between the eye piece and power button sit a Minus and Plus button which helps to change the angle between -90 to +90 while being used for an incline or decline shot.
An easy to reach power button makes a hassle free toggling possible. Once a reading is recorded the device will display it for thirty seconds before powering off. An on screen battery indicator keeps you up to date with the power availability.
With a combination of an accelerometer and inclinometer, you can confidently draw your bow knowing not only that you’ll hit the target but also clear any present obstacles. One crucial limitation of this model is difficulty reading the display in a denser darker environment.
This shortfall is overcome by the fact that uphill and downhill shots will be accurate because of the Arc – Angle Range Compensation – which gives this one the capacity to calculate the precise distance needed for every shot.

Bushnell The Truth ARC Laser Rangefinder Hunter

Uses Of The Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder

Bow hunting / Hunting
The integrated elevation compensation is a great help for bowhunters and hunters alike, as it makes shooting downhill or from a tree stand a lot easier.
The water resistant housing is good for hunting under bad weather conditions. It will withstand rain and fog. Don’t submerge it, though!
This model does not have lock-on technology for locking onto flags or flagpoles and will neither vibrate nor make a sound when it has a target in its crosshair.
It doesn’t mean that golfers can’t benefit from this model, though. As it rests comfortably in your palm and calculates every minute change instantaneously, it will have no problem lining up the flag.

Bushnell The Truth ARC Laser Rangefinder Guarantee


For around 190 bucks you receive a sleek, comfortable, smart and functional model, that can be used by bowhunters, hunters and golfers. There are cheaper and more expensive models out there, but this one is a good compromise as it gives a lot of bang for your buck. Apart from that I think that a goodie like this should not cost more than your actual bow or gun, right?


With the right combination of tools, the Bushnell The Truth Arc Laser Rangefinder proves it can sport on a bow, rifle and even golf. The combination of simple design and smart material choice it an affordable and reliable buy.
Optimized for use with a bow but not limited to it, this one can provide a good range of up to 200 yards for rifles. Maybe more, if you got the skills. The ClearShot technology and rainproof casing are a few components which set it apart from similar priced products.
Included in the package are calibration charts to help get the most out of a bow. Golfers may have to look around if they prefer something with lock-on capability but when it comes to bows, this unit is efficient and affordable.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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