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Welcome to this Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder review! Light weight, compact and extremely fast, this one is the closest thing to surgical precision. It comes with ARC – Angle Range Compensation – and sophisticated technology that computes distances instantaneously. It is safe to say that this unit out-shines other models in its category by far.
The compact trait of this device isn’t limited to size and shape but also energy needed to operate the laser, sensor, and display. Running on a single CR 2 3-volt cell Bushnell truly provides a light weight solution to power. A Posi-Thread™ battery door prevents shorting of the battery due to condensation.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder Facts


The Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder comes equipped with a carry case and a neck strap.

Features of The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder

This device is designed for bowhunters and rifle hunters. Although it lacks Bushnell’s Clear Shot technology, it is well suited for bow hunters of all kind, because it has elevation compensation integrated.
Measurement Range
The range of the Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder is from 7 – 850 yards. The maximum range depends crucially on how reflective the target is. The maximum distance for trees is 600 yards. The maximum range for deer is around 200 yards. With this device set to bow mode, it provides a True Horizontal distance of 7 – 199 yards. The accuracy on all distances is within the range of +/- one yard. This model’s display can show distance both in meters and yards.
Slopes / Angles
This unit comes equipped with Angle Range Compensation. When in bow mode the built in inclinometer transfers information which computes the distance and angle, displayed on the LCD. The rangefinder works with a maximum inclination of +/- 90 degrees. Elevation compensation is important if you are hunting down from tree stands or similar things a lot, as it removes the guesswork.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme comes with a fixed 4x magnification and a 20 mm lens.
The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme has an up to date LCD. When activated the display shows the battery life indicator, the unit of display, a reticle for targeting, when the laser is firing and when it has locked on. The targeting reticle is placed front and center, with the battery indicator to the left of the reticle. In the right-hand corner, the mode is displayed – the rangefinder comes equipped with bow mode.
Right below the reticle is the distance display, under which to the left is the angle and opposite it is the ‘play’ or true distance – the play distance is the calculated range after angle compensation. The lower right portion of the display shows the unit of measurement. Meters or yards.
Size / Weight
This unit weighs in on the scale at a featherweight of 5.2 ounces. The dimensions of the device are 1.5 x 4.0 x 3.0 inches. The size of it makes for a perfect fit in your hands. The slip resistant grip makes sure the range finder doesn’t wiggle around. The slip resistant grip also prevents you from accidentally letting go of the power button and helps stabilize the device in your hand.
Automatic Shut-Off
The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme works on a single CR 2 3-volt battery and has a black LCD. It is activated by pressing the power button. Place the reticle on an object seven yards away, press and hold down the power button until a reading is displayed below the reticle. The display will show the reading for 30 seconds before automatically turning off. Cross hairs surrounding the reticle shows the laser being transmitted and disappear as soon as a reading appears or the power button is released.

Water Resistance
This one is not waterproof. The battery door is designed to prevent a short circuit caused by condensation. It does not have a rain guard and the lens is not fog proof. The casing of this model does offer protection against spillage and accidental exposure to water, but it can’t handle submergence.
The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC has a single button – and that is enough. The power button is used to activate the device, used to acquire the target and toggle between distance measurement units. Press the power button to turn on the device. Point at a target, press and hold the power button. The cross hair surrounding the reticle will disappear as soon as reading is displayed – release the power button as soon as a reading is displayed.
While distance is on the screen, press and hold the power button for five seconds after which the display will toggle between yards and meters. As soon as you see the desired unit of measurement, release the power button. The rangefinder will turn the selected unit into a preset and the next distance will be displayed on this unit – until manually changed.

Uses of the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder

Bow hunting / Hunting

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC promises to be the most precise model out there. With the ARC feature on board, it is indeed an excellent tool for bow hunting. Especially the elevation compensation is a cool and handy feature if you are hunting down from tree stands from time to time.
For rifle hunters the maximum distance for non-reflective objects might not be far enough. Deer are possible to do up to 200 yards. Trees can be measured up to 600 yards. the given maximum distance is for highly reflective objects only, though.
Since this one doesn’t vibrate as it locks on to targets, the choice to purchase one is a matter of preference. The rangefinder can be used to range out the distance to the pole up to a distance of 199 yards – on a good day.


For around 160 bucks, you will get a good entry-level model that will serve you well for years. The features available on the device makes the price reasonable and the product comes with a one year warranty – added bonus. Especially for bowhunters this is a good deal. You get some bang for your buck and you really don’t need more features to get going.


The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme ARC Laser Rangefinder is a compact and robust piece of equipment. A decently priced item that does leave some things desired – like anti fog lens coating or Bushnell’s Clear Shot technology, for example.
The lightweight construction and single button operation make it a very straightforward no nonsense device. The feel of the slip resistant grip may not be to everyone’s liking as it feels too rubbery.
All in all a sound helper requiring little to no maintenance that has elevation compensation integrated.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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