Best Compound Bow For Youth

Hello and welcome to this Best Compound Bow For Youth Comparison!   Shooting compound bows is trendy! Especially kids want to be like Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye or Merida after watching those movies and guess what - they need a bow for being like their heroes. The problem is that there are a lot of models [...]

Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500

Introduction To The Best Compound Bow For Under $ 500 Comparison Hello and welcome to this comparison about the best compounds out there! In order to provide clear comparisons for the following models that I have chosen for this Best Compound Bow For Under $500 report, I took seven important criteria and assessed each model [...]

Proper Form For Compound Bow Shooting

How To Shoot A Bow Properly First of all it is important to understand that developing proper form for compound bow shooting takes time. There are a lot of things to keep in mind that need to be stored in your brain and muscle memory, so that it will become second nature to you [...]

How To Determine Eye Dominance

Before I explain why eye dominance is important for compound bow shooters or archers in general let's take a look at what it is after all and let me explain a few terms that are related to it. What Is Eye Dominance The definition of eye dominance goes like this: Eye dominance is the tendency [...]

How To Sight In A Compound Bow

Why You Should Sight In A Compound Bow Well, the answer to that question is pretty easy: Because you won't hit where you want to without having a compound bow sighted in. With a few simple steps you can go from okay to super accurate when shooting your bow. So it's really worth it to [...]

Beginner’s Guide To Compound Bows

Hello and welcome to my beginner's guide to compound bows. I assume you have absolutely no idea about this topic so far so we are going to start with the absolute basics which means explaining certain terms, words and accessories concerning those type of models. In case you are thinking about getting a beginner [...]

Dry Firing A Compound Bow

What is dry firing a bow Dry firing a bow (also called 'dry loosing') means that you shoot it without an arrow in place. Compound bows are particularly prone to getting lots of damage after dry firing due to constant high tension and a lot of moving parts. When you pull the string back energy [...]

Kinetic Energy For Bowhunting

This is for you if you have never heard the term Kinetic Energy concerning bowhunting before. When going after game animals you need to know which compound bow is able to take them down properly. This depends on a few factors you simply should know before starting to hunt. Kinetic Energy For Hunting Is Kinetic [...]

Choosing The Right Arrows For A Compound Bow

In this short article I would like to show you what you can do to find the right arrows for your bow. At first sight it looks pretty easy, but there are indeed a few things you need to keep in mind when buying them. Which Arrows For Compound Bow Before I answer what arrows [...]

How To Determine Your Draw Length

In this short article I want to introduce you to the advantages of knowing your draw length and how you can determine it. What Draw Length Do I Need Well, before you think about what draw length the compound should have you need to know your own, because that determines which bow to [...]