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Welcome to this Field Logic IQ Micro 5-Pin Bow Sight review! This one is advertised like this: “Shoot longer distances and tighter groups or your MONEY BACK GUARANTEED!!!“. Seriously? This is quite a promise, if you ask me. The Retina Lock Technology is the reason for this bold claim, as it will give you instant feedback that will identify even the slightest torque or anchor point change. The pins are very bright, setting it up is quite easy and it builds confidence fast, leading to tighter groups and a better overall form. If you want to learn more about this model, feel free to read on!

Usability And Adjustability

This one is available in a version for right and left handed archers, which means you have to buy the version that fits you. It has knobs for micro-adjusting the windage and elevation and for adjusting the whole sight up and down and left and right. Additionally it has locking knobs to lock it into place. All completely tool-free!
A customer stated he sighted it in at 20 yards, adjusted the retina lock and was soon dropping arrows on targets at 60 yards with no additional adjustment. If that’s true, this one seems to be very easy to set up, sight in and adjust.
For initial set up the manufacturer recommends sighting in the 20 yard pin first, then adjusting the retina lock. If you want to learn how to sight in a compound bow, please read my guide about it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow.

Product Features Of The Field Logic IQ Micro 5 Pin Bow Sight

The main highlight of this model is its Retina Lock Technology, which is basically two dots (a green one and a black one) that need to be centered on top of each other. Then you need to line up a pin and release. That’s it. Due to this technology you are able to shoot at any angle (even weird ones) and hit the spot – provided you are shooting with proper form (read my article about it here => Proper Form For Compound Bow Shooting) more often than not. After you are used to this way of shooting the whole process feels more instinctive and requires way less time than to line up a sight ring and a level and finally to line up the pin on the target.
On the other hand, especially beginners need to be able to multi-task somehow, as they need to take care of the level, the retina lock and the pin alignment at the same time, which can be a bit daunting. But they should get used to this way of shooting in a rather short period of time.
Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow Sight Retina LockThe retina dot is constantly within the peripheral vision of the shooter as he or she concentrates on his or her pins, but without being a distraction. And believe it or not, it will teach you to shoot with proper form (specifically shooting without hand torque), as you can see instantly when you are off!
The sight itself is made from aluminum, which makes it very sturdy and durable. It has an in-built bubble level and the diameter of the aperture is around 2 inches.
The 5 .019″ fiber optic pins are extremely bright during the day. For extreme low-light situations (dawn or dusk) the brightness might be not enough, though. The pins can be removed, but not without difficulty, as the optical fiber of each pin is very long. A workaround would be to slide the 2 bottom pins all the way down to the bottom of the housing and thus out of the way while hunting.
All in all there are two colors for the pins: green and red. The one in the middle position is red, all the others are green. For adjusting the single pins you need an Allen wrench. You might need a bit of silicone oil for doing so, especially if there is a bit of dust around.
The Field Logic IQ Micro does not require any batteries, instead, the fiber optics and the retina lock gather light from the environment. That’s why it is legal to use in all states!

Field Logic Black IQ Universal Light

Field Logic IQ Micro LightIf you think you need an additional rheostat light for hunting in low-light situations, there is one specifically designed for the IQ Micro, but be aware that you need to shoot without a peep sight in such a lighting scenario, as it is pretty difficult to see through a peep when it is dark.
The Field Logic Black IQ Universal Light has an adjustable rheostat control (from dim to very bright), works on left and right hand models and has batteries (three L736) included. The purple LED light reduces pin glare at dusk or dawn and the light fits the following sizes: 1/4-28, 3/8-32, 3/8-36, 7/16-20.
A big plus are several adapters that come along with the light, which means it can be attached to other sights easily (for example to a Spot Hogg).
The built in dimmer is really important, as the full brightness of the light may be way too much in very low-light conditions, so it is necessary to be able to dial it down to see the pins again.

Peep Sight

The Field Logic IQ Micro works with or without a peep. In fact it was designed to get rid of the light robbing peep, because the green dot of the retina lock makes sure your point of reference is always the same.
In case you still want to use a peep, a Versa peep would be a good choice because it is available in many sizes. The size depends on your draw length, by the way. On average it would be 3/16″ – 1/4″.
A tip for archers that are very satisfied with their peep’s location on the string: Set up the top pin and adjust the retina lock, then remove the peep!

Mounting Features

The mounting bracket is pretty standard and should fit a lot of pre-tapped risers. It has mounting holes for a standard quiver as well. Screws and tools for attaching the sight to a riser (Allen wrenches) are included. You might need to get longer screws for attaching a quiver, though, depending on the model.


The Field Logic IQ Micro is available in a black finish with green accents. It is not available in the common camo finishes, though.
Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bow Sight Finish

Suitable For Hunting

This one is definitely suitable for bowhunting. The Retina Lock Technology makes aiming and shooting a breeze, while the pins are super bright during daylight. Additionally you won’t experience any noise from the sight while shooting, which is another plus for bowhunters.

Price Of The Field Logic IQ Micro 5 Pin Bow Sight

At around 130 bucks the Field Logic IQ Micro is a great bowsight for beginners and experts alike. The aluminum construction gives it enough sturdiness for roaming through the field, while the Retina Lock Technology makes it very easy to shoot and hit from all kinds of angles (think ground blind or tree stand).
I personally think that it won’t hurt if you would learn how to shoot properly with a standard set up (peep, bowsight), but by all means, technology is advancing and why should we not take advantage of it right away, right? So yeah, if you want a very good high quality bowsight that is also able to get rid of some of your bad habits, this one is definitely for you!
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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