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Welcome to this Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder review! Do you love your goodies to be accurate and reliable? Then this one might be just right for you. It has a curvy body so that your hands can fit easily. Likewise, it has a rubberized grip for better hold and angled lenses for more ergonomic utilization. The fundamental reason it is pitted against other rivals is due to its stellar 6x magnification. After reading this text you should be able to decide if this one is an option for you or not. At least that’s what I hope. See you at the end!

Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder


Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder PouchThe XRT62 comes with a nylon padded pouch that can be worn on your belt. You also will get a lanyard and a piece of cloth for lens cleaning. A CR2 battery is not included, though. The warranty lasts for one year.

Features of the Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder

Despite the fact that it is small in size, the Halo XRT62 still has a 600 yard range and a precision of +/ – 1 yard. Giving you the assurance you need to pick the correct club or line up the correct shot. Measures in yards or meters. No feet. Has a scan mode for moving targets. But well, you need a very steady hand to get it to work.
This one does not have any elevation compensation integrated. As a workaround you could measure the distance of a tree near the game if you are standing on a tree stand. Then you would need to do some guesswork, I fear.
Instead of firing a single laser pulse and taking a return reading, the XRT62 has a also a scan mode that gives you a chance to take numerous readings continuously to make sure that you have the most precise data about the distance from your target. This is also a good feature for measuring moving targets.
When you are trying to measure range at farer distances, having a small enhancement in your magnification is definitely a bonus. With it’s 6X magnification, this model makes ranging and obtaining targets considerably less demanding even towards the outer limits of its range. The 20mm objective lens is quite good and pretty clear. The eye-lens is 15.5 mm and has an anti-fog coat.
The Halo has a clear LCD display which is very easy to read, as long as there is sufficient surrounding light. Although in low light situations, it can be hard to read the numbers as the digits are shown in a dark gray and the display is not illuminated. In daylight, the display is sharp and crisp, though.

Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder

This model fits into the palm of your hand. It has a non-slip rubberized hold and a two-handed supporting build to ensure that you can get a precise reading without straining while balancing your grasp. Weighing only 4.9 ounces (without battery) and having measurements of 4.2” x 3” x 1.7” this gadget is really lightweight and compact.
This one shuts itself off after 20 seconds of inactivity, which is a good thing, as this will save the life of the battery quite a bit.
The Halo XRT62 is water resistant – which does not mean it will survive a bath in a lake or something like that. It can take rain and fog, though, so your hunting trip or your golf play should not be affected by those days.
Although this unit is not rubber covered to give drop and shock resistance, it is made very well, so you should not need to stress over knocks and scratches. It works extremely well in severe climate, since it is fogproof and water-resistant. Also, there is a lot of non-slip rubber trim around the gadget, making it simple to keep a strong grasp on the rangefinder.


This rangefinder is extremely easy to use with its two-button operation. One button chooses your scan mode and the other one starts the laser ranging.

Uses of the Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder

Bowhunting / Hunting
As stated by Wildgame Innovations, this unit can reach as far as 600 yards if you are going for a reflective target. Remember that this number can only be reached under perfect conditions – so real-life conditions may lessen this. In general, deer is most often measured up to 200 or 250 yards. Larger distances make it usually a lot harder to get correct measurements.
 Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder
The Halo XRT62 gathers light quite well, so during a bright day you are all set. It does not work so well in low-light situations, though, as the display is not illuminated.
The unit works nicely for golfing although you might have to try a few times to get a correct measurement. It does not capture the flag well past a hundred fifty yards, to be honest. In such a case you might be better off measuring the distance to an object that is near the green. Think trees, grass areas or bunkers.


For around 120 bucks you will get a good entry level model that has some good features for both hunters and golfers. So if you are on a budget or if you don’t want to lose an arm and a leg for a device like this, this one might be an option for you.
There are also a lot more expensive models out there. If you have to spend more, you can check out a few in our reviews section. If you really need those advanced gimmicks is a different question, though.


Whether the Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT62 Laser Rangefinder is the right model for you or not will depend upon your budget and your needs. It has all the basic functions a bowhunter or hunter might want to have, though, including scan mode.
Golfers might miss the pin-lock technology that locks onto flagpoles with a sound or vibration. They can use this one nonetheless if they are willing to do some workarounds like I have mentioned above.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!

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