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Welcome to this LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder review! If you are looking for an efficient, compact model at a good price – this might be the one for you. This model is very simple and easy to use. Both bowhunters and golfers will appreciate its size and accuracy. It has great range and magnification and it can be used for many occations. It’s versatility is something uncommon for this price range, by the way. I hope that this review will give you the information you need to determine if this is the one for you or not. But you really have to read to the end to get all the information for doing so. See you there!



The LaserWorks LW1000Pro comes with a carrying bag and a lanyard to make transportation easy. A CR2 Battery is included. A wiping cloth is also included so that you can easily clean the lenses when needed.

Laser Works LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder Battery

Features of the LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder

The measurement range covers 5 – 1000 yards, which is pretty impressive. This model also has flagpole locking, which will separate the target from a busy background. This is convenient for both golfers and hunters. The LaserWorks LW1000Pro also features a fog mode, which makes golfing or hunting in the fog rather nice experience as it allows users to get ranges even in thick fog.
This unit has unique modes that display both the vertical and horizontal distance, and the gradient between top and bottom. This innovative product also features a golf trajectory correction. This is designed for the golfer. Simply start golf trajectory correction and give the distance proposed to stroke and display the gradient. Other similar products within the same price range typically do not have these features, making this one a particular steal.
It has a magnification of 6x and a 21mm objective lens. The telescope part uses the multi-layer broadband green film, with a light transmission rate of 98.6%. The optics can be a little fuzzy around the edges, however the center is clear. It is very bright, so it can be used at many different times of the day.
The size of the LaserWorks LW1000Pro is 4.2″x2.9″x1.4″ and it weighs 7 ounces. It is only the size of a small candy bar. This compact model is ideal for golfers, hunters, and bowhunters as it allows you to carry it around for hours on end without any strain.
This unit automatically powers off after 15 seconds of inactivity. This is a great feature as it saves battery life and allows hunters and golfers to go on for long periods of time without having to worry about changing the battery. 15 seconds is a good timeframe, as it allows time to focus on your target. For golfers this timeframe should be enough, because the flagpole locking technology should make it a lot faster to target tiny objects.
This model is waterproof and can withstand many different temperatures. Rain, fog, snow, and other weather conditions will not affect its efficiency. I would not submerge it, though!

LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder


The LaserWorks LW1000Pro is easy to operate. There are only two buttons. One to measure and the other to switch modes. This unit measures in yards and meters only. Feet is not an option. The operating manual can be a little confusing at first However, once you get the hang of using this rangefinder, use is easy.

Uses of the LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder


This one is a fast and accurate model, which makes measuring distances a breeze. Its durability makes it a reliable option even in demanding weather conditions like rainy or foggy days. Its fog mode makes it easy to target game through thick fog.
It might have difficulties to measure dark surfaces, though, especially when those are standing in front of dark backgrounds. But that is a common problem with a lot of models, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
For deer I would not try to measure distances over 300 yards. You can try, of course, but the farther the game is away the harder it will be to get correct measurements.

Laser Works LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder Camo


The LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Finder is a nice add-on for serious golf players. Flagpole locking allows users to focus directly onto the flagpole or other targets while blocking out a busy background. This allows users to focus directly onto their target. While you need a steady hand to use this feature, it works great once you get your grip just right. The fact that this model has the technology for this at it’s low price is truly amazing.
The golf trajectory correction feature is also a nice goodie that might give you the small advantage that will push you in front of your fellow competitors. Just saying.


For around 150 bucks you receive an accurate and versatile model. There is really no need to buy a more expensive one as this device can be used for bowhunting, hunting, and golfing. It offers different modes that can find distances even at an angle and it is durable enough to survive in the field. You really get a bang for your buck with this one.

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Honestly, the LaserWorks LW1000Pro Laser Rangefinder has hard to beat values. This is one of the lowest priced units on the market and does just as much as models twice or three times the price. The only downside is the plastic housing. But that’s something that I would ignore.
For bowhunters and hunters this is a great model as well. It is not that expensive and has some great features. It considers angles while measuring and the locking technology might be useful for hunting game as well, don’t you think? Apart from that it is durable und can take some beating.
Golfers typically have to pay more for a device that can accurately lock onto flags and flagpoles. This one can do it! Although it costs only a fraction of models that are able to lock onto tiny targets. Together with the golf trajectory correction feature this unit is a good deal for beginners, intermediate and seasoned pros.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!

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