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Welcome to this Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow Review! If you are looking to get into bowhunting or archery without losing an arm and a leg for the latest super duper gear, this one might be a good option for you to check out. Due to its compact size it can be used by tweens, teens and females as well, so even if it’s not for you, it might be a great gift for your kids, girlfriends or spouses, that would like to join you in the field now and then. You will need to invest in better add-ons, of course, but when you do, this model can easily keep up with models that cost three times as much. Just read on to the end of this review to get a better idea of this great little shooter!
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SAS Scorpii 30-55Barnett Vortex HunteriGlow 30-55AW Pro Compound Bow
30 - 55 lbs45 - 60 lbs30 - 55 lbs20 - 70 lbs
19" - 29"26" - 30"19" - 29"17" - 29"
260 fps280 fps296 fps320 fps

Bow Package Contents

Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow KitThe Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound is available in a version for right handed shooters only at the moment. It is manufactured by Man Kung, a Taiwan based company that’s been in business since 1988, producing high quality parts for the well known big brands ever since.
So from a manufacturing point of view this one is a well made piece of gear. This model is sold to the American market by Leader Accessories, who also takes care of the customer support.
This one comes ready to shoot out of the box. All you have to put on yourself is the bowsight and the arrow rest.
There is also an add-on kit available for this model, that includes the following items: Fiber optic sight, drop away arrow rest, release aid, D string loop, peep sight, wax, and 2pcs of 30″ aluminum arrow
Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow Fact Sheet
The fiber optic sight is pretty bad, as it tends to move up and down all the time. The drop away rest is kinda flimsy, so I suggest you get a Whisker Biscuit as soon as possible, because the arrow rest will affect the arrow’s flight a lot, sending it on a path you never intended to in the worst case.
For a good bowsight I would go for a Trophy Ridge for starting out. Check our bowsight reviews for some well known models here => Bowsight Reviews.
If you need help with sighting it in I have a guide about doing just that here => How To Sight In A Sight.
What you need to understand concerning these affordable models like the Leader Accessories 30-55 is that most of the time the add-ons that are included are crap. You have to cut the cost somewhere, right? The bare bows are almost always well machined and manufactured, but the add-ons lack a certain quality, so don’t be disappointed. That’s just part of the deal!
Peep sight and D-loop are pre-installed. Check if the peep sight sits tight on the string, as a customer stated that it flew away after a few shots which isn’t cool at all. Also check if the D-loop sits correctly on the string.
The release aid that you get with this hunting model is very sensitive, which is a good thing. Just be careful that you don’t release accidentally.
 Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Bowsight
The two arrows that come with this model are crap as well. They are made from aluminum and tend to bend. I would suggest you get a good bunch of carbon arrows that fit your personal draw length and your gear’s poundage.
They must not be too short (add 1 inch for security reasons to your draw length) and they must not be too light for the poundage, or the limbs may take some damage.
The energy of the full drawn Leader Accessories 30-55 needs to be relieved with the arrow at release. If there is no arrow – or one that is too light – the stored energy goes right back into the limbs, destroying them in the worst case. This is called dry firing. I have an article about it here => Dry Firing A Compound Bow.
If you want to learn how to measure your draw length, I have an article about doing it here => How To Determine Your Draw Length.
You will also get some bow wax when you buy the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting. Wax is very important for the string and cables. Wax ’em once before shooting the first time and then once a month. This will elongate your string’s life tremendously. Always check the string for wear and tear and replace it if you find worn areas.
Allen wrenches and instructions for adjusting are included. If you are not sure how to do this, search Youtube for some instructional videos or go to a local pro shop to have it set up for you against a small fee. It does not hurt to see how it’s done for the first time.
You can get the kit for the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting as well for starting to shoot as soon as possible, but you will replace at least sight and rest for getting good results. If you know what you want I would skip the kit, though, as there are a lot of crappy items included.
The Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting is available in a black, black and green and green camo finish.

Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Finishes

What you might want to get as well is a bow mounted quiver, because there is none coming with thie Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting. There are pre-drilled mounting holes in the riser, though, so you should be able to attach any model you want. Such a quiver will add additional weight and therefore will balance the overall shooting process just a bit like a stabilizer.
There is no stabilizer included as well, but you absolutely need one to make it quiet enough for bowhunting. A good stabilizer will take out the vibrations while shooting and it will balance the whole thing making the shooting process more accurate.
Maybe think about getting a carry case for carrying and storage as well.
Sometimes we don’t shoot for several weeks and need an option to store it safely. Damp places (cellar, garage) or very hot areas (car trunk, hot attic) may damage our gear if we leave it there for some time without proper protection. Having it moving around on the backseat of our car while driving to the range or the woods is not funny too, so you see there are plenty of reasons to get a proper case. (link to one).
If this is your first compound bow I have a beginner‘s guide here => Beginner’s Guide.
Just go through it quickly to get a rough idea about these kind of models and to avoid common mistakes that could harm yourself or damage your gear!

Noise Level / Hand Shock Of The Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow

Like I already have stated you definitely need a stabilizer to bring the noise down significantly, otherwise it’s just too loud and game will be warned for sure. You could also try adding string silencers or limb savers to bring the vibrations down even more.
A string stop and cable guard of the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting work well, by the way.
A handshock was not recognizable at all, which is quite standard for all the modern models available at the moment.

Bow Specifics / Limbs / Riser / Grip / String

The Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting is a very well made model. Its modern looking aluminum riser is well machined with lots of cutouts to bring down the weight, its ABS compressed split limbs sit in back pivoting pockets and feel like they can take some beating, which is good to know for bowhunters and huntresses.
The cams are made from aluminum as well, the dual cam system works like a charm.
With an axle to axle length of only 28″ this one is a very compact model. That’s why tweens and females should be able to handle it well too. For bowhunters, a compact size is rather important concerning wonky tree stands and small ground blinds or maneuvering it through dense vegetation or the woods.
Its net weight is 3.3 lbs, which is not that lightweight. Assuming you will put some add-ons on it, the weight may go up to well over 4 lbs. For me, that’s no problem.
If you are on the weaker side, carrying the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting for hours through the field may result in decreased accuracy due to its weight. But again, that’s more of a personal thing: Some like lighter models, some don’t.
The string length is 48.8″ and the cable length is 30″.
Draw Cycle / Shootability
The Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting draws very smoothly due to the flawlessly working dual cam system.
Provided you’ve got some skills and are shooting with proper form, this one is dead on up to 60 yards. Quarter sized groups at 25 yards are no problem at all. Remember that you need to invest in better add-ons to achieve this accuracy, though!
If you want to learn more about shooting with proper form, I have an article about that topic here => Proper Form.
The draw weight ranges from 30 to 55 lbs. It can be adjusted via the bolts that connect the limbs to the riser (limb bolts). One full turn equals approximately 5 lbs. Both limb bolts need to have the same amount of full turns, so when you are in doubt, tighten to the maximum and start over from there.
Don’t back them out too much or this model might fall apart rather violently, because models like this are under a lot of tension all the time.
 Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Cam 1
The draw length covers a range from 19″ to 29″. If your own draw length exceeds 29 inches, you will need to look for a different model. If you want to learn how to measure your draw length I have a guide about doing it here => How To Determine Your Draw Length.
 Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Cam 2
The draw length can be adjusted with the Allen wrench as well. You need to take the screws out of the modules, rotate them in the desired position (look at the notches on the cams) and re-tighten them. Both cams need the same settings and a bow press is not required for adjusting.
A let-off of 70% is quite normal, the valley feels to be wide enough and the back wall is pretty solid. The brace height of 7″ is quite normal as well.

Shooting Speed Of The Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow

The manufacturer states a speed of 296 FPS for the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting.
If this was measured after the requirements of the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) is not quite clear, so let’s assume it wasn’t done that way.
We also don’t know which arrows were used and how much weight those had. Nonetheless, 296 FPS with a 55 pound model are quite impressive.

Suitable For Hunting / Kinetic Energy (KE)

Let’s assume a 350 grain arrow. With such an arrow we could achieve a kinetic energy of 68 at 296 FPS. According to Easton’s Field Chart this should be enough for going after small, medium and large game.

Eastons Field Chart

Just don’t forget that the kinetic energy is decreased by all kinds of factors: heavier arrows, longer distances, bad weather conditions, lowering the poundage etc. etc. All these factors add up rather quickly, so keep that in mind while tuning your stuff.
Always check the legal requirements of your state as well. Some have higher requirements regarding poundage than others, so make sure you are good to go.

Suitable For Bowfishing

You should be able to add a bowfishing reel as well. Maybe take a look at the AMS reel and the Tidal Wave arrow rest. The poundage is way enough to penetrate the water and hit the fish well, though.


For around 150 bucks the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting is a very affordable option for starting out in bowhunting or archery.
Just don’t forget that you definitely will need to invest in better add-ons to really make this model shine.
But if you do, it can easily keep up with models that cost three times as much.
If you want to spend more, you could take a look at the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro, the Bear Archery Cruzer or the SAS Rage.

Pros & Cons

– very affordable
– very well made
– needs better add-ons


If you are looking for a well made quality model for getting into bowhunting or archery, the Leader Accessories 30-55 Hunting Compound Bow is a great option that won’t break your bank completely, so that you can get your feet wet as soon as possible.
It is even a greater option if you are not 100% sure if bowhunting is for you.
Its flexibility makes sure it can be used by tweens, teens and females as well, which makes it a great gift for your kids, girlfriends or wives, that want to join you in the field. It is also great for shooting at the range or at a 3D course.
Just remember that you will need to invest in better add-ons like an arrow rest, bowsight, stabilizer and quiver, but even if you invest a bit more, you will still save a lot of money compared to the more expensive models of the big brands.
To be honest, I think you cannot do much wrong here. If you know 100% what you want, go for it. If you don’t know if shooting compounds is for you, this one is a good model to try it out.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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