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Welcome to my Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Compound Bow review. This one is another great option if you are just starting out or if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for your passion. I know we all would if we could, but sometimes you have to set some priorities in life – which often do not include the most recent super hyped killer model. But that’s no problem at all. Just read the following review to the end to learn more about this very affordable option, that clearly does not need to hide behind the models of the big brands.

Bow Package Contents

The Leader Accessories Hunting 50 – 70 Compound is made by Man Kung (Taiwan). Man Kung has been in business for decades and manufactures parts and add-ons for many US based big brands. So the fact that this one is made in Taiwan is definitely not a downer – it is merely a compromise for the decent price of this model.
This one is only available in a version for right-handed archers. If you don’t know what this means, feel free to read my beginner’s guide here => Beginner’s Guide To Compound Bows.
Features Leader Accessories Hunting 50-70

Infinite Edge ProDiamond CoreAW ProBear Cruzer RTH
Diamond Infinite Edge ProDiamond CoreAW Pro Compound BowBear Archery Cruzer RTH
5 - 70 lbs40 - 70 lbs20 - 70 lbs5 - 75 lbs
13" - 31"25" - 30"17" - 29"12" - 30"
310 fps313 fps320 fps310 fps

The arrow rest is made of cheap plastic. I would suggest you get something better as soon as possible, as a good arrow rest will make your results so much better. Get a Whisker Biscuit or a drop away rest, if possible.
You also will get a very simple 2-pin sight. It is enough for starting out, but if you are serious about bowhunting you should get a better one rather sooner than later. You need to sight it in yourself, by the way, because everybody has a different way of shooting, a different draw length, different anchor points etc. That’s the reason why it makes no sense to have your Leader Accessories 50-70 sighted in by a different person than yourself. You simply need to follow the arrows or groups. This means if you shoot too low and to the left, you need to adjust the bowsight accordingly. If you don’t know how to do it, feel free to read my guide about it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow.
There are no arrows included. This makes sense, as arrows need to fit the model (draw weight), the archer (draw length) and the purpose (hunting tips or field tips). The arrows should not be too light for the Leader Accessories 50-70, as this might have the same effect as shooting with no arrow at all, which is called dry firing – which you should avoid at all cost. Dry firing can result in severe damage to the model and serious injury to yourself (Read my article about it here => Dry Firing A Compound Bow. ).
The manufacturer recommends carbon or aluminum arrows with a length of 30″. This makes no sense to me, as arrows often need to be cut to fit the individual draw length of the shooter. Cutting them will affect the weight, which needs to be addressed by choosing a heavier tip etc. It is not that easy to find ‘your’ arrows, so visiting a professional shop might be a good idea. If you want to learn more about arrows in general, I have an article about them here => Choosing The Right Arrows For A Compound Bow.
Finding the right arrows for a certain model is often times more important than buying the ultra expensive, most hyped and up to date product for being a successful bowhunter. The whole system needs to fit together, if you know what I mean.
Unfortunately, the manual is not that informative, to be honest. But you only have to install the sight and the arrow rest onto the Leader Accessories 50-70, which is not that hard to do.
There are four movable nocking points on the string. I would suggest you get a real nocking point if you want to finger shoot this one (which I would not recommend, because your fingers might twist the string at the release which can affect the flight of the arrows), or you you could install a D-loop. For using a D-loop you will need a mechanical release aid, that can be clipped to the D-loop for pulling the string back. A release aid has a trigger like a gun that keeps your fingers away from the string, which is way more accurate than shooting with your fingers.
The Leader Accessories Hunting 50 – 70 comes in a stylish autumn camo or black finish.
leader accessories 50-70 hunting compound bow finishes
For adjusting the draw weight and the draw length you will need an Allen wrench. I will explain how to do that in detail in the Draw
Cycle / Shootability section of this review.
There is also no peep sight included. A peep sight acts – in combination with the bowsight – as a rear sight. You need to line it up with the bowsight for aiming. The size of the peep is determined by the size of the bowsight, this means it must not be too big or it will cover the pins of the bowsight completely (you need to see the pins when looking through the peep (ring in a ring). The position on the string needs to fit the individual archer. If you have no idea how to do that, a pro shop will serve it in against a small fee.
I would suggest you get a stabilizer as well. A good stabilizer balances the whole thing and makes the overall shooting experience more comfortable. Apart from that it silences it down significantly, which is absolutely needed for bowhunting.
Every standard mounted 2-piece quiver should fit the Leader Accessories Hunting model, as there are pre-drilled holes for one. Maybe you can find a model with a similar finish. Apart from that, there is not much to look out for concerning quivers.
To protect your forearm from getting string slaps I would suggest you get an arm guard. String slaps can happen from time to time, especially when hunting in the field. Think bad stance, wonky tree stand or small ground blind, dense vegetation etc. If they happen all the time you should work on your form, as string slaps are a clear sign that something is wrong. If you want to learn more about proper form, feel free to read my guide about it here => Proper Form For Compound Shooting.
Another good accessory for the Leader 50-70 Hunting model is a wrist sling. It attaches the compound to your wrist, which enables you to shoot with a rather relaxed grip. If you have no sling, you tend to tighten your grip after the release, as the whole thing seems to drop to the ground because of its forward movement. A tight grip can torque the whole model resulting in bad shots. With a wrist sling this won’t happen.
One last thing you might consider is getting a carry case for storage or transport. Modern bows like the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting don’t like extreme temperatures like heat. That’s why you should not leave them in a hot trunk or a hot attic for weeks. They also don’t like moisture for too long. A carry case will keep them safe for months without having to worry about extreme temperatures or dampness.

Noise Level / Hand Shock Of The Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Compound Bow

This one is definitely not on the quiet side. Especially for bowhunting you need to get an adequate stabilizer and some string silencers to get the vibrations and the noise down to a bearable level. Sound travels faster than the arrow, which means it could warn the game before the arrow hits it. Therefore your equipment needs to be as silent as possible.
Due to the parallel limb design there is no hand shock recognizable at all.

Bow Specifics / Limbs / Riser / Grip / String

The product itself seems to be of a high quality, sturdy and durable. It is made from a modern composite material that most of the actual models are made of and can easily keep up with models from brands that cost three times as much.
The aluminum riser is smoothly machined. It has a lot of cool cut outs that give it a rather modern look, which I like a lot. Those cut outs are important, as they bring the weight down, which makes it easier to handle. The grip is quite standard. Some like it, some don’t. Unfortunately, especially with grips, it often comes down to personal preference and taste.
Its axle to axle length (ATA) of 35″ makes it still compact enough for bowhunting in tree stands or small ground blinds and for carrying it through the field without getting stuck in dense vegetation all the time.
With a net weight of 4.4 pounds, this one is definitely not on the light side. If you add a lot of accessories to it, the weight can easily go up to 6 pounds. Aiming for a long time could – depending on your personal strength and endurance – become quite a challenge after a while. The money you saved by buying this model should compensate for the sweat, though. And who said, bowhunting must be easy 🙂 .
The Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting comes with a dual eccentric cam system. The cams are made from aluminum as well, which makes them quite sturdy and durable. Apart from that, they make adjusting the draw length pretty easy, as you will see in the next section.
The finish looks just great and the pre-drilled holes for the add-ons look well machined with excellent threads cut in them. Overall great quality for the money, in my opinion.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting is smooth to draw and shoots very accurately, provided you get a better arrow rest, bowsight and peep sight. Some customers even described it as ‘being a beast’, because of its tremendous power and accuracy.
The draw weight range is between 50 and 70 pounds. It comes set to 70, which is quite a bit so maybe you will need to lower it down significantly, especially when you are just starting out in archery. The limb bolts are pretty tight, by the way. For adjusting them the first time, it may make sense to get an extension for the Allen wrench. Just don’t use too much force on it.
For adjusting the poundage you need to tighten or loosen the limb bolts that connect the limbs to the riser. Just be careful that you have the same amount of full turns on both sides and never have’ em backed out more than 4 full turns, or the whole thing might fall apart violently. Remember that compound bows are under a lot of tension all the time! Around three full turns set the poundage down to 55 pounds. If you are not sure about the number of full turns, just tighten to the max and start from there.
The draw length ranges from 26″ – 30″, which covers a lot of archers. The bow comes set to 29″. To adjust the draw length you need to loosen the screws in the cams until the modules are free. Then place the screw in the draw length hole of your choice and tighten it (don’t overdo it!). Both modules have to have the same draw lengths. If you have never done it before you also can go to a pro shop for adjustments. They will set the whole thing up for you against a small fee. You don’t need a press for adjusting, by the way.
If you have a longer draw length than the 30″ inches max of the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting, this one is not for you. If you want to learn how to measure your draw length, please read my article about it here => How To Determine Your Draw Length.
The generous let off of 70% makes holding the weight back while aiming no problem at all. This is especially important for beginners, who need to concentrate on shooting with proper form the most (Read my article about it here => Proper Form For Compound Bow Shooting.).
The back wall of the Leader Accessories 50-70 is solid and the valley is wide enough. A solid back wall is important for new archers, as it gives an important reference point for their shooting cycle that is the same every time they shoot an arrow. This is good for consistency, which will lead to accuracy over time (and a lot of practice).

Shooting Speed Of The Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Compound Bow

The speed of this one is 310 fps. I have no idea if this was measured after the requirements of the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO), though (70 lbs, 350 grain arrows, 30″ draw length).

Suitable For Hunting / Kinetic Energy (KE)

With a speed of 310 fps this model is definitely suitable for bowhunting. Assuming that this speed was measured after the requirements of the IBO, the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting would achieve 74.61 ft-lbs of kinetic energy with a 350 grain arrow. Now take a look at Easton’s Field Chart and you will see that it is suitable for going after large game without a problem.

Eastons Field Chart

Just remember that lowering the poundage or using heavier arrows can bring down the achievable kinetic energy quite a bit. Also bad weather conditions and longer distances can bring it down even more.
The responsibility for taking game in a humane way is in your own hands, though. A lot of KE won’t help if you are not able to hit where you want to (at least most of the time) – preferably the vital organs. One shot, one kill. So being able to shoot well is the best thing you can do!
If you want to learn more about kinetic energy, please read my article about it here => Kinetic Energy For Bowhunting.
And don’t forget that every state has a legal minimum requirement concerning bowhunting. If you are below that, you are not allowed to hunt!

Suitable For Bowfishing

You definitely can attach a bowfishing reel to the Leader Accessories 50-70 thanks to the pre-drilled mounting holes. Also its power is way enough to penetrate the water and hit the fish well.


At under 200 bucks you will get a quite impressive compound. Even if you add the amount you will have to invest in better add-ons, this still is a great deal – especially if you are just starting out and want to test the waters or if you are on a budget. You won’t lose an arm or a leg in buying a model of the big brands, as this one is definitely on par with bows 2 – 3 times of its price. Just take a look at the Diamond Infinity Edge Pro or the Apollo Tactical.
If you have more to spend and don’t want to mess around with buying additional things, the Bear Archery Cruzer might be a good option as well. But overall, you get the best bang for your buck here with the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Bow.

Pros & Cons

– very affordable hunting model
– well made, sturdy and durable
– bad add-ons
– pretty heavy


All in all, the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Compound Bow is a steal for its price. It is well made, shoots very accurately (with good add-ons) and can easily keep up with models that cost 3 times the price and more.
The fact that it is manufactured in Taiwan is – when looking at the great price – not a real problem, in my opinion. Man Kung has been in business since the 80s, so I could not care less, as the product itself is a real beast.
Finally, I would recommended this one for adults and teens. Teens should be on the stronger side though, as the minimum poundage you can set it to is 50 lbs, which is still quite a bit for a 14 year old. There may be kids that can pull it back, of course, so a closer look at the individual might help.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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