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Welcome to this Leupold RX 850i TBR with DNA Laser Rangefinder review! This one is durable, waterproof and compact. It is equipped with the Leupold Trophy Scale and Last Target Priority.
This unit is a blend of performance, features, and price. The range finder comes with many features seen on higher end models even when compared to Leupold’s own models.
One noticeable drawback of this one is the black LCD display. Even though it can adjust the display intensity to allow the viewer to see more clearly, the black reticle makes it difficult to be seen on a dark target further away.

Leupold RX 850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder Facts


This model comes with a carry case and a two-year warranty.

Features of the Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder

This model comes infused with sophisticated technology, able to register even the smallest change in distance. The accuracy and a range of 850 yards make it a serious competitor, giving the high-end models a run for their money.
This unit is equipped with Angle compensation, but beyond the range of 125 yards, it will display the distance without compensation. Both bow and rifle modes are included in the compact parcel, so this one is a good choice for rifle hunting.
To top it all, this model comes with Leupold’s Trophy Scale allowing you to estimate the size and height of an antler. Last Target priority enables the range finder to gauge distance through an obstacle accurately. When two readings are received from the same point the distance further away is displayed. It enables the user, to take a successful shot without the fear of failure.
This one has a maximum range of 850 yards. The range for measuring trees is around 750 yards and 400 yards for deer. The distance display adjustments available in rifle mode make it a smart choice for your next hunting trip. The distances can be displayed in yards and meters.

Leupold RX 850i TRB DNA Laser Rangefinder

Slopes / Angles
If you are familiar with Bushnell’s Angle Range Compensation – ARC – feature, the Leupold’s function is not very different. You can use this model for uphill and downhill shots at a distance of up to 125 yards.
Beyond that, the device displays the distance without angle compensation. The device has a built-in inclinometer, ensuring no compromise on the ranging capabilities on an incline or decline.
The Leupold RX 850i TBR DNA has a fixed magnification of 6x and a 23 mm objective lens. The device optimizes the display, so you get a clearer and brighter view. It helps to better differentiate the game from the backdrop in poor visibility and low light.
The lens comes coated with anti-glare and waterproof construction enables it to weather any condition. The lens coating provides the user with a clear picture – low light conditions and slight fog won’t render the range finder useless.
The RX 850i TBR DNA has a black LCD. With multiple functions that can be displayed on the screen, the display can feel cluttered. The momentary intrusion of flashing signs can be distracting sometimes.
The display has a central targeting reticle, battery indicator, distance display, mode display, and a rifle mode distance selection display. The compact size of the range finder puts the display at a disadvantage as it feels cramped. The choice of black color indicators can make it hard to see over a dark target.
This model is at work not only accounting for angle and range but also optimizing the display to improve visibility.
Weight / Size
This model weighs a mere eight ounces, leaving you to constantly check your pocket to make sure it’s still there. The dimensions of the device are 4 x 1.3 x 2.5 inches which make it feel more like a toy. However, with a sturdy aluminum body and construction, it’s all work and no play.
The RX 850i TBR DNA runs on a single CR 2 battery that operates the complete device. Considering the range of functions available in this unit the power source seems to lack. That is not the case though; the intelligent design makes it resemble a Swiss army knife.
The Leupold RX 850i TBR DNA Laser Range finder has a single button operation. Pressing the power button activates the device, once turned on, just press and hold the button to range a target. As soon as it locks on the target, the distance is displayed.
If you have made any changes in the modes or distance display, these will be the perimeters for display until changed.
Water resist / Weather resist
The Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA is waterproof. The lens is coated with anti-glare allowing a clear view. The aluminum body of this model is sturdy enough that it can receive some beating; walking away with just a scratch. It is a desirable trait especially when it’s in a high end and affordable range finder.


This unit is a single button function device. With it powered on, press and hold the power button, and you will be able to see all the modes and where they are on the menu.
When in the selection menu holding the power button for three seconds will return the device to ranging mode, otherwise, after a ten-second delay, it will automatically return to ranging mode.

Leupold RX 850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder Side View

Uses of the Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder

This model is a reliable and broad spectrum device, best suited for rifle hunters but it comes with a bowhunting mode too.
Bow Hunting
Angle compensation up to 125 yards makes this one suitable for bow hunting. The added advantage of Last Shot and Trophy Scale can benefit any hunter in a dense environment. Compared to other available models in its price range the Leupold offers a smaller deer range – with most models having a range of about 200 yards.
Rifle Hunting
Here is where the Leupold RX 850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder stands out. The distance can be displayed in inches, centimeters, millimeters, or MOA. Although the selection of these distances can improve a shot, it limits the range to 500 yards. Add poor visibility, and the range will be reduced even further.


For around 200 bucks you will get a high quality model at an affordable price. Compared to more expensive models, this one can keep a quite well, by the way, which means that you will get a lot of bang for your buck.


The Leupold RX-850i TBR DNA Laser Rangefinder is one of those products that excites you while using it in the field. It has a lot of features, it is accurate, reliable and durable and it won’t break your bank completely.
It can be used by bowhunters, rifle hunters and golfers, has angle compensation integrated and some more modes that will make your hunting life a lot easier.
Considering its price it might not be an entry-level model, but there are a lot more expensive gadgets out there than this one.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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