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Welcome to this Trophy Ridge Drive Slider 1 Pin Bow Sight review!
Why the hell would you use a single pin bowsight, you might ask yourself? Well, there are a few arguments that need to be considered here. A lot of bowhunters find 3, 5 or even more pins quite distracting. For those girls and guys it is much more easy to focus on one single pin. Another point is, that a single pin makes aiming much quicker, as – again – you have to concentrate only on one thing. A last argument is, that when you get older and your eyes get weaker, it is also easier for you to mess around with just one pin. I know that single pin sights are not for everyone and at the end of the day each archer or bowhunter has to decide for him- or herself. So to make that decision a bit easier, I wrote the following review about one of the market’s top single pin sights and I hope that you will get something out of it – see you at the end!

Usability And Adjustability

This one can be used for right and left handed compound bow shooters. You just need to unscrew and flip it. That’s it. The sight itself is pretty easy to install with the 2 provided screws and an Allen wrench, which is – unfortunately – not provided.
You also need the Allen wrench for adjusting the windage and for vertical adjustments. Just loosen the brass thumb screw and slide the pointer in the direction where you want the arrow to go. If it shoots a bit low, slide it up a bit. Done. This makes adjustments tool-less, which is a big plus when you are out in the field.
If you feel you need more movement for the sight to cover more range, just set the pin lower. If you are shooting wide all the time, try to dismantle the sight off the riser and put it on the other side. Now the windage slider should move a little farther to the right (you need a different sized Allen wrench for doing this!).
Another big plus with a single pin sight is that – as long as the poundage of your compound bow is high enough – it will be the same at 7 as at 20 yards and more.
Sighting it in can take some time (if you want to learn more about sighting in a compound bow, feel free to read my guide about doing it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow).
The sight does not come pre-marked, which means you have to mark your own yardages. Do not mark the paper until you know 100% for sure where you want it to be. In general you sight it in for different ranges and mark those down onto the tape, which results in a very personalized yardage tape.
Speaking of yardage tapes: a lot of customers recommended getting the HHA EZ Tape Kit. The bowsight does work with the tape that comes with it, of course, but the HHA EZ kit is just a bit better.
You can set it up to shoot at up to 80 yards, some even use it for farther distances. It also works well together with a peep sight. Try to get the smallest peep that makes sense for you, if you want to shoot with one.
All in all the majority of the customers seem to be rather happy with the Trophy Ridge Drive Slider sight: their groups got tighter and their confidence with larger distances increased.
trophy ridge drive slider 1-pin bow sight

Product Features Of The Trophy Ridge Drive Slider 1 Pin Bow Sight

This one looks and feels very well built and solid. The bracket is made from machined aluminum while the sight ring and other parts are made from a durable composite material. Overall the whole construction seems to be of a very high quality.
trophy ridge drive slider 1-pin bow sight single pin
The .029 fiber optic pin is very bright, which means it absorbs the light of the environment pretty well. If you find yourself in a low-light situation, there is also a LED light included that will light up the pin and sight ring. The light is mounted onto the right side of the Trophy Ridge Drive sight and is turned on by turning it clockwise. The pin allows for very precise adjustments, which should come in quite handy for a lot of various conditions. There is also a bubble level installed.
Nylon bushings allow for a very quiet movement without any metal to metal contact. This is especially good for bowhunting, as game might get warned by all different kind of noises.
The tape that comes along with the Trophy Ridge Driver is a low-light indicator tape, which means it glows in the dark.

Mounting Features

trophy ridge drive slider 1-pin bow sight mounting bracketThe mounting bracket is made from aluminum and should fit most of the standard tapped risers out there. Apart from that, the sight comes with some extra pieces for attaching a bow mounted quiver.


The Trophy Ridge Drive is available in a black finish only at the moment.
trophy ridge drive slider 1-pin bow sight black finish

Is the Trophy Ridge Drive Slider 1 Pin Bow Sight Suitable For Hunting ?

Definitely yes (but don’t forget that a single pin sight does not work for everyone!). The slider moves absolutely quiet – thanks to the nylon bushings – which is very important while being in the field.
Aiming is quicker, as you have to mess around with only one pin and adjustments to the pin are made very fast, due to the tool-less vertical adjustability (brass knob). The visual field is better too, because there is only a single pin in the way.
You will only need to adjust the pin for greater distances, because if your compound bow is strong enough, you won’t need to adjust up to 20 yards and more (the sight will be the same at 10 yards as at 20+ yards). Switching back and forth from distances is easy and fast to do and once set the slider locks in place, it won’t move a bit while shooting.
The pin is very bright and should work even in low-light conditions. If it gets too dark, the included light will help out quickly.
The bowsight works flawlessy up to 80 yards and more (depending on your shooting skills) and seems to be a very reliable accessory for bowhunters and target shooters.
And as I have already mentioned before, especially for older hunters, a single pin is way easier for the (maybe) weaker eyes to deal with than 5.

Product Price

At around 50 bucks you will get a very well and solidly built bowsight that can compete easily with models that cost a lot more. This one is rock solid and will serve you well for years if treated properly. Of course there are some compromises with quality for the lower price point, but to be honest, these are quite minimal and hard to recognize, so all in all I think you will get a lot of bang for your buck in this case.


By now you should have an idea about why single pin sights may be a good option for certain archers and bowhunters.Whether it will be an option for you is a different question, though, and I hope you came a bit closer to the answer of that question after reading my review about the Trophy Ridge Drive Slider bowsight.
In my opinion, this one is clearly a good choice if you are on a budget or if you don’t like having to focus on several pins while aiming and shooting. It’s as simple as that. If you want to keep things simple, this sight is for you.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!

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