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Welcome to this Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight review! Sometimes, a basic bowsight is all you need to go bowhunting or target shooting. In this case I would like you to take a look at the Joker 4-pin bow sight. It is ideal for beginners as you only have to do simple manual adjustments to get it to work. Simple and effective. And simple is a good thing, right? At least more often than not. So if you are a beginning compound bow shooter or if you need to loan someone a compound to hunt with from time to time, the Joker 4-pin bow sight is a good option in either case. Just read on and learn a bit more about this great accessory. See you at the end!

Usability And Adjustability

The Trophy Ridge Joker 4-pin bow sight can be used for left and right handed compound bows, due to its reversible sight mount. Just flip it over and you’re done. The only caveat is, that the bubble level will end up on top for compound bows for left handed archers, but it is glued on so tight, that you can‘t get it off the sight housing. Apart from that little downer, this is a really good feature as it fits lefties and righties and makes the whole thing a lot more flexible. It is easy to mount and set up, so you don’t have to mess around all day to get ready to rumble. If you need to learn more about sighting in a bowsight, I have an article about doing it here => How To Sight In A Compound Bow.
The whole bowsight can be be adjusted to the left or right (on the horizontal axis). Single pins are not adjustable on this axis – which would make no sense anyway as all pins need to be even! I just wanted to mention that because some people keep keep asking this now and then. Single pins should only be adjusted vertically, depending on certain yardages you want them to be sighted in for. You can adjust the 4 pins of the Trophy Ridge Joker sight vertically with an Allen bolt at the end of each pin.
This model has no micro-adjustment features,but there are laser etched marks on the aluminum windage to make adjusting a lot easier.

Product Features Of The Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight

This one is a very lightweight and durable model. It has been machined carefully, which is an indication of good craftmanship for me. Its plastic hood has a green accent that – according to Trophy Ridge – is good for sight acquisition (that’s basically the glow ring on the front, which helps to make aiming faster and more accurate). The durable bracketry for mounting is made out of aluminum and the sight housing has a built-in clear bubble level. Multiple mounting holes make sure that this model will fit a whole bunch of the modern killer compound bows out there.
The 4 pins are .019″ fiber optic pins. They pick up light well (utilizing the fiber optic cable) and are quite bright in daylight. The pins can be adjusted individually (on the vertical axis) with an Allen wrench. Single pins can even be removed but if you choose to do so, you need to be very gentle, otherwise the pins might break faster than you can say ‘crap’.
There is also a rheostat light included for low light situations that occur mostly at dusk or dawn. But even rainy days can make it hard to aim without the pins being illuminated by the additional light sometimes, so that’s a good addition. Just don’t expect to be able to hunt at night with it, because it really was not made for doing that. You only have to twist the light a bit to turn it on, but as soon as you do, the pins start to glow tremendously. There is also a glowing ring on the front of the housing, which makes aiming a breeze.
Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight

Mounting Features Of The Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin Bow Sight

The mounting bracket is made of lightweight aluminum. It offers multiple mounting holes, that should fit most modern compound bows on the market.
The mount is reversible which gives you the option to attach it to a compound for right handed or left handed shooters. To reverse it, you only have to flip it over. The good, clear bubble level will end up on top, though.
This model comes in a black finish only.

Suitable For Hunting

Of course it is. Its simplistic approach makes it very effective in the field. Apart from this advantage, it’s a dead accurate model and the very bright pins make it easy for you to aim and hit where you want to – provided you shoot well. The included rheostat light will help a lot in low light scenarios and completes this one as a reliable bowhunting package.

Product Price

The Trophy Ridge Joker 4-Pin bow sight is availabe at a very affordable price for around 30 dollars. But don’t think it’s made cheaply because of that, it can easily keep up with models that cost twice or three times as much. In my opinion it has a lot of useful features for this price and if you like simplicity you won’t miss anything on it. It just works. Period.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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