Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Bow Sight ReviewCheck PriceWelcome to this Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Bow Sight review. This one is a very good option if you are starting out and want a better model than the bowsight that came with your compound bow – as most of the no name sights included with beginner sets are more often than not crap, which is a pity but unfortunately quite normal. That’s why you usually have to get a better rest and sight. Why? Because without good accessories you won’t get good results. It’s as simple as that. With good add-ons, you might be able to get your groups down from the size of an apple to the size of a silver dollar, though – and who wouldn’t want that? 🙂


This one is very sturdy and holds its zero without any problems. The pins are very bright and thus easy to see – often times even without using its light during low-light morning or evening conditions, because it has wrapped fiber optic lines. It is easy to install and to set up and will serve you well for years to come.

Trophy Ridge 5-Pin .019 Volt Sight (Left/Right), Black


Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight Bubble LevelThe This model can be used on right handed and left handed compound bows. Just be aware that you have to flip it upside down to be able to use it on a left handed model, which means that the sight level will be on the top! This feature is called a ‘Reversible Sight Mount’.
Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin .019 Bow Sight Features
This one has 5 ultra bright fiber optic pins with a diameter of .019. The pins are adjustable with an Allen wrench to whatever distances you want.
The bubble sight level of the Volt is built in and it has a rheostat light plus batteries included. The light shines on the fiber optic tubes and lights up the pins – this makes them really bright and therefore good to see, which is a big plus for bowhunting in low-light situations.
The LED is mounted in a way that it lightens up the whole fiber optic band – which gives a glowing ring. The pins are super bright during the day, by the way, without the need of the light.
All in all this one is pretty sturdy due to a lot of aluminum parts like the laser edged aluminum windage, the elevation and the pin adjustments. There is also a wrapped pin guard and a solid copolymer hood that protects the sight from rough handling during hunting or while walking through dense terrain. The hood has a green accent, by the way.

Mounting Features

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight Bracketry SideThe whole bracketry is made from aluminum, which makes this one really sturdy and durable, as are the screws, which means there is no danger of stripping the heads off all the time while adjusting, in contrary to some of the Truglo sights. You can also secure them with Loctite, if you want.
It has included offset mounting holes for more versatility. All in all there are three different spots on the bracket to mount it to a compound bow, which should suit a lot of available and older models out there.
A quiver can be attached to the Volt without problems. The mount points are at the back end of the sight. As most risers have standard tappings, this one should fit most of them. The actual location of the mounting holes may differ slightly from your current setup, but you definitely should be able to attach the base and mount the quiver.
One downside is that for adjusting the windage and the elevation, you will need an archer‘s Allen wrench (that costs around 6 dollars), which is not included, so you have to get that on your own.

Suitable For Hunting

trophy ridge volt 5-pin bow sight pinsDue to the well designed LED and the bright pins this one is a very good option for bowhunters that need a good illuminated sight – especially for low-light situations. By the way, the soft touch coating adds to the overall noise reduction while shooting. Another plus for bowhunting.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin .019 Bow Sight Price

At around 35 bucks you will get a very good bowsight for starting out, that can easily keep up with models that cost around 150 – 250 bucks. It is very well made by a well known American company. It is also pretty lightweight, which means that it won’t add much to the overall weight of your bow. So if you are on a budget or just starting out in archery, the Trophy Ridge Volt is a very good choice, that will serve you well for years, if treated accordingly. You could also check out the TruGlo carbon XS as an alternative or – if you have more to spend – the Trophy Ridge React 5-Pin is worth a look as well.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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