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Welcome to this TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5-Pin Bow Sight review! This one is an option for you if you are looking for a good entry-level bowsight that is well built and sturdy enough for bowhunting and has a very affordable price point at the same time. This model seems to be of a decent quality, to be honest. But before we do our final judgement, we should take a closer look, don’t you think?

Usability And Adjustability

This one is designed to be used on left handed and right handed compound bows, which makes it kinda ambidextrous. You can mount it on a left handed model by simply reversing the mounting bracket. You need to pop out the level and reglue it to the top of the aperture, though. The windage lock can be reversed as well.
The horizontal windage adjustment and the vertical elevation adjustment can be done tool-free (micro adjustments). Overall, the sight is easy to mount and to adjust (Second and third-axis adjustability), which makes it a good choice for beginning archers.

Product Features Of The TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight

The construction is solid and durable due to the combination of carbon composites and aluminum, which makes this one a hybrid construct (Tru-Fusion Hybrid Technology). Due to the Tru-Touch coating it transfers less vibration during shooting, which adds up to all the other silencing options you have installed onto your bow (stabilizer, string silencers, string stop etc.). The bracket is extra long, which increases the sight radius and the vertical adjustment to match your way of shooting.
It has metal pins with extra long fibers, that are very bright in daylight, because the housing absorbs light like crazy. The pins themselves are not micro-adjustable (the housing is, though), but they slide easily in their channels for precise adjustment. Just be careful not to torque them too much, as they can break easily. The diameter of a single pin is .019 inches. You cannot add more pins, by the way.
The TruGlo Carbon Hybrid includes a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring and a push-button light (batteries included). A customer stated that the screws are second rate and the light is a bit sketchy. Apart from this opinion I did not find any other reviews that rated the light negatively.
The light is adjustable and has three settings. You can use it with gloves as easily as without any, which is a big plus as well (think cold weather conditions). It just sucks if you cannot adjust your light with gloves in low-light situations. Sometimes it is too bright and you cannot see the pins anymore with game right in front of you, so you fiddle around and when you finally managed to dim it down, the game is gone. Screw it!
With a net weight of around 5.1 oz this one won’t add a lot of additional weight to your gear.

Mounting Features

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight Parts

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight Parts

The TruGlo Carbon Hybrid has a reversible mounting bracket with multiple mounting holes that should fit most of the compound models available. It can be reversed to use this one on a left handed compound as well. Switching the side can be done rather quickly.
The connection between sight and mounting bracket is made from metal, which makes this connection really sturdy and durable, which means that it is not in danger of being broken by the vibrations of high poundage bows.
A quiver can be mounted further forward or backwards due to the many mounting holes available. 3 are there for forward and backward adjustment for the sight and 3 are there for the placement of the quiver.
For additional evelation you can do the following: Loosen the windage lock, slide the bracket from the windage plug, flip the lock upside down and reassamble the whole thing.

Finishes Of The TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight

This model is available in three state of the art finishes: Black, Lost Camo and RealTree Xtra. All of them are well done and look nice on bows with similar finishes.
TruGlo carbon hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight RealTree

TruGlo Carbon hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight Lost Camo

TruGlo Carbon Hybrid 5 Pin Bow Sight Black

Suitable For Hunting

Definitely yes. There are no vibrating noises while shooting the compound, which is a good thing especially for bowhunting where the quietness of your gear is very important.

Product Price

At around 50 bucks the TruGlo Carbon Hybrid is a very good option for new bowhunters that don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for their accessories. It is sturdy enough (due to the hybrid construction) for hunting in dense fields, small ground blinds or tree stands and its fibers are very bright during daylight. The included adjustable light is a nice addition for low-light scenarios.
All in all this one is easy to set up and adjust and will serve you well for years if treated properly. I think the compromise between price and quality is just right with this model and I hope you will have a lot of fun and success with it during the next season.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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