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Welcome to this ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder review!
This one is a top performing range finder that offers you multiple ranging options while you are on your hunt. This model is specifically designed for shooters and bow hunters. Now, forget about missing out your target at any distance because with this one you won’t miss anything. It is equipped with the ability to range targets of up to 1093 yards away and with its additional modes you will be able to shoot like a professional. Apart from that you can connect it to your smartphone and to your scope via its bluetooth connectivity!

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Facts


The box includes the ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 unit along with its CR2 battery as well as a two-year warranty from ATB.
You need to buy a carrying pouch or a case separately if you want one. This one is fully resistant to moisture. However, you must make sure that the device remains as dry as possible for improved durability, which means it won’t survive a bath in a lake or something like that.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Angle Calculation

Features of The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

This model is equipped with numerous jaw-dropping features. ATN has powered it with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that allows you to link the device with your smartphone powered by Android or iOS as well as your Smart HD riflescopes.
The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 is equipped with a high-end Class 1 IR laser that allows you to range from 5 to 1093 yards without any issues. The range finder employs an inclinometer to gauge the angles from you to your target with great accuracy.
It offers a view angle of 7.2 degrees with the precision of up to +/- 1 yard or meter. Using a smartphone application, you can easily do all the calculations of the angles and slopes with full ease.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

The Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Rangefinder’s LCD is very simple, and it does not clutter the view by showing all the information at once. Because it is designed to be used with your smartphone, the application will show you details regarding all the angles and measurements you need for your next shot.
With this range finder, you can perform all your calculations within a matter of seconds and focus on taking that shot with precision. Paring this gadget with the riflescope will enable you to adjust your point of impact in real time.
This model weighs 5.5 ounces with dimensions of 4.2″ x 2.9″ x 1.4″. The rubber exterior of this unit makes it very comfortable to grip. The small size makes it slip in your pocket without any hassle as well. It’s intuitive 2-button user interface allows you to access all its functions with one hand.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Scope

Automatic Shutdown
The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 can shut itself off after 30 seconds of inactivity, which is a good thing because it will save some battery power along the way. Other models shut themselves off after only 10 seconds, which could be a problem if you need more time to target very tiny objects. On the other hand, that might only occur while trying to target a flag pole on a golf course.
Magnification/Objective Lens
This unit houses a 21mm objective lens. Plus, it can magnify your area of focus up to 6x and display a 378 feet wide field of view at 1000 yards.
The ATN Smart Laser Ballistics 1000 boasts a Class 1 eye-safe IR laser which is integrated with an inclinometer. It enables you to gauge the proper angles to your target both upwards as well as downwards.
This unit covers a range between 5.5 to 1093 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard or meter. I think 400 to 600 yards for game is realistic and I assume that the maximum range is for reflective objects only.
There is a standard mode that you can use in normal weather conditions, and there is a fog mode that allows you to filter the algorithms from fog interferences. There is also a scan mode for moving targets or if you want to scan a whole area.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Info

Operation Of The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder

The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that links with Android and iOS smartphones as well as Smart HD riflescopes.
It can display distance in both meters as well as yards. It comes with a user-friendly 2-button interface and also incorporates a 3.5 mm exit pupil for easy viewing.
You can also save different profiles associated with multiple calibers within your smartphone application for various rifles or scopes.
Bow Hunting / Hunting
You can use this one for bowhunting but it ideally suits long range shooting. It won’t work well if the target is within 5.5 yards or 5 meters. That’s just too close. The pinpoint accuracy that it brings to the table with its 6x magnification is ideal for long range shooting as well. Plus with a 378 feet wide view of the landscape at 1000 yards, it allows you to get a clear picture of your target, its distance as well as the surroundings.
The unit is good to take on your golf course as well if you want to score some birdies.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Bluetooth


For around 230 bucks, you will get a well made high quality model that is packed with a lot of features that most of the other models available in that price range don’t have. Considering those features, the range finder is great for bowhunters, rifle hunters and golfers.

ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Info 2


The ATN Laser Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder has many plus points and it is surely worth the price. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it very useful when you know you don’t have to use the unit and keep it close to your eye. It gives you accurate measurements of angles and distance.
 ATN Ballistics 1000 Smart Laser Rangefinder Hunter
You can conveniently take long range shots at up to 1000 yards. If you use the unit with a Smart HD rifle scope, then prepare to get blown away with the precisions of its measurements.
ATN’s rangefinder surely brings the professional out of you.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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