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Welcome to this Nikon ARROW ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder review! These days bow hunters have plenty of options at their disposal when it comes to archery range finders. One of those is the model mentioned above. It has some exceptional features, and it creates a perfect balance between performance and budget. It comes with Inclining / Declining angle compensation along with different target priority modes as well. It has a black LCD that displays various reflective targets and distances up to 600 yards with full accuracy. Please read to the end to decide if this one is for you or not. See you there!

Nikon Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder Facts


Your purchase will include the model itself and a CR2 battery. You will also get a carrying case made of neoprene along with a strap. The package includes a user manual that will assist you with the settings and a piece of microfiber cloth for cleaning the lens.
In case of any manufacturing defects, you are covered with a warranty of two years. It can display the increments of up to 0.1 yard and can give continuous measurements for up to 8 seconds. It has a large ocular lens that is equipped with Tru-Target Technology and offers you single button operation. Its compact size allows you to use it with your one hand with no difficulty at all.

Nikon Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder

Features of the Nikon ARROW ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder

This model is equipped with Tru-Target Technology that allows you to choose between two separate ranges depending upon the circumstances. It’s distant target priority mode shows the range of the target that is farthest away within a group of multiple targets. On the other hand, the first target priority mode enables you to get the range of an object as tiny as a fence post at a given distance.
The Nikon ARROW ID 5000 can read +/- 89 degrees near-vertical angles. It quickly gives you that one number to trust and take your shot. The ID (Incline/Decline) Technology is most suitable to all those who take their bow hunting seriously. It enables you to find the horizontal distance even in most severe downwards or upwards angles.
Thanks to the non-cluttering black LCD of this model, it is pretty straightforward and quick to watch one number and then just point and shoot quickly. Just push that one button on the top of the device, and it will exhibit all increments in 0.1-yard through to 600 yards. When the device is in angle compensated mode, it will show “and” at the bottom left of the screen. It will also display “Dst” or “1st” near the bottom left, based on your selection of the target priority mode.
Most of the time, bow hunters prefer distant target mode to get assistance from the range finder through long grass and twigs. Once the unit ranged the target, it will display the appropriate meters or yards on the right. You will also find a battery icon at the bottom which allows you to monitor the charge capacity of the device. You can change the units of distance from yards to meters based on your priority.
The Nikon ARROW ID 5000 only weighs 6.2 ounces and has dimensions of 4.4-inch x 1.5-inch x 2.8-inch. The device is very light, which allows you to carry or grip it with maximum ease. This range finder provides you with stability, and you can carry it all day long through the toughest of situation that your hunt can offer. Its compact size makes one-handed use possible, and it can comfortably fit in your bag as well as your pocket.
Automatic Shutdown
This unit shuts itself off after a few seconds of inactivity.
Magnification/Objective Lens
This model comes with a 21 mm objective lens. Moreover, it is equipped with the ability to magnify your area of focus 6 times so that you don’t miss your shot.

This unit is indeed made for hunters and golfers because it offers fog-proof and waterproof solidness along with a highly powerful multicoated lens to give you a clear picture of your target with distance and angles.
The pocket-sized gizmo is also equipped with long eye relief feature as well as the Tru-Target Priority System. It offers you a single button control over the 18mm ocular. It also gives you continuous distance measurements for full 8 seconds so that you can scan the landscape and pick your targets fast. With this range finder, you can easily range small targets as well as choose one among many across 600 yards.


Nikon has kept the settings of the Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder minimal despite making it a full featured range finder. It includes angle compensation mode and it also provides distance measurements in meters as well as yards.
Furthermore, it also offers target priority mode as well. You can use the button near the eyepiece for ranging while the front button is for choosing between different modes. After turning the device on, you can press the power button to find the range of the target. If you press and hold it, the unit will enter in scan mode. In this mode, the device will continuously measure the distance across the landscape when you follow a moving target. This mode remains active for 8 seconds.

Uses of the Nikon ARROW ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder

Bow hunting / Hunting
The Nikon ARROW ID 5000 is best for bow hunting, however; it is not an ideal product for long range shooting, because it is only usable up to 600 yards. So in case you nead to measure targets at larger distances more often than not, this one is not the best choice.
It does offer angle compensated readings for pinpoint accuracy with 6x magnification. Nevertheless, 4 times magnification is more than enough for bow hunting because you need to have some idea about the surroundings of your target as well.
This unit surely is handy when you are eyeing a birdie because it allows you to measure the distance along with the angle in a continuous manner. But don’t forget that there is no flag-locking technology integrated.


For around 230 bucks you will get a nicely made quality product, that has enough features for being able to keep up with a lot more expensive models easily. Bowhunters will appreciate the integrated elevation compensation.


The Nikon 16228 ARROW ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder may be a bit pricey for some people. However, considering its features, it has a good balance between performance and budget, so it won’t break your bank completely.
The integrated angle compensation makes it a good choice for bowhunters that are hunting down from tree stands a lot. The maximum range of 600 yards may be a bit short for rifle hunters, that prefer to hunt at larger distances. Deer up to 300 yards should be possible to do, though.
Golf players may need to look for something else, if they need to have flag-locking technology. If not, it should be possible to measure flags or flag poles with this one as well. It might take a bit longer, though.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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