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Welcome to this Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder review! If you are looking for a low priced range finder for both bowhunting and golfing, this could be the one for you! It is easy to use and it can be operated single handedly with two buttons. It is compact enough to be carried around all day on a hunting or golfing trip without getting too heavy and it is pretty reliable up to 200 yards. No range finder is perfect, though, especially one this low priced, so we will go over the downsides later on as well. As the name suggests, this one was designed to be efficient for golfers, so we will take an in-depth look at the features that were designed especially for that sport. See you at the end!

Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder Facts


The package included with the Tonor Golf unit is pretty impressive. Aside from the model itself, it comes with a convenient carrying case and a strap.
Fortunately, there is a CR2 battery included as well. These batteries last a very long time, but keep in mind that it uses a CR2 and not a more common battery such as an AA.
A microfiber cleaning cloth is contained as well. This comes in handy as the lens can become dirty from time to time, when it is used a lot. The quick start guide is helpful for teaching you how to actually use the device.

Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder

Features Of The Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder

This model is capable of getting an accurate measurement up to 600 yards. It is accurate down to plus or minus one yard. Many people have had a difficult time getting a range for low distances, so we don’t recommend using this product for anything less than 20 yards. Also, the farther you try to range, the more inaccurate it becomes. It is advertised to range up to 600 yards, but it is really ideal to range somewhere between 20 to 250 yards. It measures in yards or meters.
One downside of this is, that it is not capable of compensating for elevations. For golfers, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but hunters or bowhunters can definitely run into issues with this. If you are hunting down from a tree stand or another heightened elevation, it is recommended to keep this in mind and remember that the measured reading will be slightly off.
The magnification is 6x with an objective 24mm lens. The total eye relief is 3.8 mm. For the most part, you should be able to use this one with glasses on. By turning the eyepiece the focus can be adjusted.
The LCD display on this model is bright and clear. It’s easy to read, unless you’re in low light conditions. It isn’t illuminated, so if you plan to use it in low light situations, you would be better off with a range finder that has an illuminated display.
Overall, this one is light enough to be carried around on golfing and hunting trips. It’s size dimensions are 4.1 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches and it only weighs 6.7 ounces.
After 20 seconds of inactivity, the device will automatically power itself off. That’s why there is no power off button. 20 seconds is usually enough time for golfers to get a clear shot, so that’s just fine.
The housing of the Tonor is waterproof, so it can be used in foggy and rainy conditions. However, as the display isn’t illuminated, you may have problems with actually being able to read the measurements under these conditions.

Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder Infos


Operating this model is incredibly simple. Press the power button once to get a measurement. Hold it down to get a continuous measurement. The readings will be displayed on the screen in black figures.

Uses Of The Tonor Laser Golf Rangefinder


This one’s name may imply that it’s meant solely for golfing, however it can be used for hunting and bowhunting as well. It is durable, and easy to operate. It responds quickly, so you don’t have to worry much about targets running away before you get your shot. But it has no elevation compensation integrated and it will only work up to 250 yards or so, so keep that in mind.
As mentioned already above, the given 600 yards maximum are only for highly reflective targets. If you are rifle hunting, this is best used for targets under 250 yards. It becomes harder to range game past that, and the accuracy is affected as well.
Overall this one was designed with golfers in mind!

This range finder works very well for golfing. For the most part, it is very quick to use and accurate. However, it may be hard to get a distance for a flagpole if you are over 150 yards away. This model is very affordable, but you have to take some compromises for that low price.

Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder Battery


For under 100 dollars, you will get a decent unit that was designed with golf players in mind. If you don’t need too much from it, this one should be a good option for you, as it covers all the basic functions you will need. Of course, there are more expensive models out there, but if you just need a basic range finder, you don’t need to drop the money.


The Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder is a good choice for golfers and hunters who don’t need to measure very long distances all the time. It has all the basic funcionality that you would expect from a model like this and it just does that.
 Tonor Golf Laser Rangefinder Golfer
The price is really low. It is nonetheless durable, fast, and accurate up to 150 yards. Hunters who shoot from far distances and angles very often would probably be better off with a different model, though.
Thanks for reading and shoot straight!
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